1. Installing Sellvia

  2. Activating Sellvia

Installing Sellvia

After you purchase the Sellvia subscription, you get an email with the login details to your Sellvia account:

Use these details to log into your Sellvia account:

Once you are logged in, navigate to 'Dashboard and download the Sellvia plugin by clicking 'Download' button:

Activating Sellvia

Note. The WooCommerce plugin has to be installed before installing Sellvia.

Install the Sellvia plugin on your WordPress site and activate it. After the plugin is installed and activated go to 'API Keys':

Go back to your Sellvia account and copy the Public and Secret keys from the 'API Keys' tab:

Paste the keys you copied to the respective fields in the plugin and click 'Activate':

Once the plugin is activated, you can import Sellvia products and send your orders to our US warehouse.

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