1. Importing Products

  2. Bulk Import

  3. Premium Products

Importing Products

In your WordPress admin area go to SellviaProduct List:

You can filter the products by the suggested category, you can search by a keyword or product title or sort the products by novelty, availability in stock, price and title. By default, the products are sorted by popularity.

If some product is limited edition and will not be restocked further, it will be marked with the Final stock notification:

In the chosen products, select a category or a subcategory you want to import the product to and click the Import button:

The progress indicators will show you when the import of the product and its reviews is complete:

Note. You can create a new category from the dropdown menu by clicking the Add new category option:

That will redirect you to the Product Categories tab where you can type in the title for the new category and its slug.

Bulk Import

You can import Sellvia products in bulk.

Tick the boxes in the products you want to import:

In the Import to field, select the category you want to import these products to and click the Bulk Import button:

Premium Products

If you want to sell custom products under your own brand, you can order the Premium Products service from our team.

These products will be displayed in the Premium Products tab of Sellvia Product List.

When someone buys the product you imported, you will be able to send the order to our US Warehouse.

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