1. What is Fast Shipping Badge

  2. Fast Shipping Badge Settings

What is Fast Shipping Badge

The Fast Shipping Badge is a visual representation of the shipping time. It helps deliver a prime-like experience to your customers, showcasing free 3-day delivery promises.

You can find the Fast Shipping Badge in SellviaShipping Badge:

Fast Shipping Badge Settings

Activate FAST SHIPPING BADGE. Enables or disables the badge.

Please note that even with the setting enabled only US customers will see the badge.

Add processing time. The number of days you need to process the order. If you process orders once a week, you might want to add processing days not to give your customers false promises.

Add 'Arrives by'. Enables or disables the 'Arrives by' line. Please note that weekends and holidays cannot be the estimated delivery date. For example, if your customer orders on Wednesday and you promise 3-day delivery, the 'Arrives by' setting will say that the customer should expect their order on Monday rather than on Saturday.

Add 'Free'. Enables or disables the word 'Free' on the badge depending on whether you offer free or paid shipping to your customers. The toggle is on by default.

Color settings allow you to change the color of the text and the icon. If you would like to go back to the default color setting, click 'Clear':

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