The stock of the products is constantly changing both in the warehouse and your store and the cost of the products can also change with a new shipment, so it is important to keep products updated.

Sellvia products are updated in SellviaUpdate products:

The tab has a block with a progress bar, update settings checkboxes, and the Update Products button.

  • The progress bar shows how many products have been updated or need an update.

  • The update settings allow you to update both prices and stock or the products or only prices or only stock which can be helpful if you set your own prices and do not want them to be reset to the recommended ones.

  • The Update Products button starts the product update.

To update your Sellvia products, click the Update Products button. The Pause Update button will appear above Update Products. The Pause Update button allows you to pause the update if you do not have time to update all the products in one go.

If the update is paused, you will see the Continue button. It allows you to continue the update from where it was interrupted. Or you can start the update from the beginning by clicking Update Products.

During the update, a new block appears. It will show which products are being updated in its Now Updating tab and will have three other tabs with the product statuses.

Products which stock or price have changed are shown in the Price/Stock Changed tab. An arrow next to the changed price or stock will show whether it has increased or decreased.

Products with zero stock or that are not sold on Sellvia anymore can be viewed in the No Longer Available tab.

Note that if a product has zero stock, it will automatically go to Drafts after the update. If some variation of the product has zero stock, this variation will be deactivated after the update. When the stock increases and becomes more than zero, the product/variation goes to Published/is activated again.

Products that were limited edition and will not be restocked further can be viewed in the Final Stock tab.

The update in SellviaUpdate products affects only Sellvia products and does not update your own products or products added from AliExpress.

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