1. I haven't subscribed to Sellvia yet and do not have its API keys

  2. I have subscribed to Sellvia

  3. I do not have the Sellvia plugin in my Premium store

Sellvia is installed into your Premium store by default. You can see it on the left-hand panel in your WordPress. When Sellvia is not activated, clicking 'Sellvia' will open the 'API keys' tab.

If you do not have the Sellvia plugin installed in your Premium store

It is most likely that your store was created before Sellvia became a part of the Premium store package. Then, if you would like to use Sellvia in your store, please contact your personal manager or

If you haven't subscribed to Sellvia yet

To subscribe to Sellvia and get its API keys, open the API keys menu and click the 'I don't have keys' link.

Then click the 'Get Sellvia Keys' button.

You will be redirected to the checkout to purchase a Sellvia subscription.

You can subscribe to Sellvia by clicking the 'Subscribe' button on and proceed to the checkout to complete the purchase of your subscription.

When you purchase your Sellvia subscription, you receive an email with the access details to your Sellvia Account.

When you have subscribed to Sellvia

1. Open the email you received when you subscribed to Sellvia.

2. Open → Account page and use access details in the email to log into your Sellvia account.

3. Now click the 'Stores' tab and then click the green plus button in the top right corner of the page to have a set of Sellvia API keys ready for your site. The keys will be marked with the yellow Not Active status

4. Click on the arrow to see the keys and copy the public and secret keys that you created in your Sellvia account and paste them to the corresponding fields in your WordPress site → Sellvia → API keys and click 'Activate'.

5. The message 'Success. API keys are active' will appear. More menu items will appear in the Sellvia menu.

If you have orders in your store, the 'Order from Sellvia' button will become active, and you will be able to place orders on

If you need any help when activating Sellvia, please contact us at, and we will gladly assist you.

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