1. Placing the US Customers' Orders with Sellvia

    1. 'Product not Found' issue

  2. Processing Orders of Non-US Customers

    1. I do not see the 'Place Order Automatically' button

Placing the US Customers' Orders with Sellvia

As Sellvia provides fast shipping within the USA, the orders of the US customers can be ordered from Sellvia.

When someone places an order for a Sellvia product in your store, it appears in AliDropship → Orders:

Inside each order, there is the Order from Sellvia button. Click it to see the product list and order details:

The 'Product found' status for each item of the order indicates that we found the corresponding product in the Sellvia warehouse. Check the order details and place the order:

You will be redirected to the checkout page where you can pay for the Sellvia product and shipping:

You can find the list of orders in your Sellvia account in the 'Orders' tab.

'Product not Found' issue

If Sellvia could not find the corresponding product in the warehouse right away, you will be offered to find the product manually:

Type in the product name in the search field and look for the corresponding product in the search results. If you found it, click the Add button:

The corresponding product will appear under 'Sellvia Products' and the red indicator under 'Your Order' will turn green:

Now you can go back to the product list and complete the order.

If you cannot find the corresponding product using the manual search, please get in touch with our support team.

Processing Orders of non-US customers

Though Sellvia targets the US market, some Sellvia products can be ordered from AliExpress.

If the ordered product is connected to the AliExpress supplier, you will see the 'Place order automatically' button under the 'Order from Sellvia' button. (Please note that you should also have the AliDropship Chrome extension installed in your browser and authorize your site at it.) Click 'Place order automatically' to proceed with processing your order.

The plugin will visit AliExpress and fulfill the order for you automatically: select necessary product variation, add items to your shopping cart and fill your customer’s shipping details on the checkout page.

Click 'Place Order' to proceed. The supplier will send the product to your customer's address.

I do not see the 'Place Order Automatically' button

If you do not see the 'Place Order Autiomatically' button while your site is authorized at AliDropship Google Chrome extension, it means this product can only be sent within the USA.

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