Suppose you have a Premium Store product you would like to connect to Sellvia to deliver orders with 1-3 business days to your US customers.

A quick way to find which products are connected to Sellvia is to look for the Sellvia icon in Products → All Items.

Open the product that is missing the Sellvia icon, and you will find the Sellvia connect widget.

Next, find the same product in the Sellvia catalog.

Type in the title or parts of the title of the product you are looking for in the search field. If you see a match in the search results, open it.

Copy the URL of the product page and paste it in the Sellvia connect widget. Then click the Connect Product button.

If the connection is successful, the page will reload and the Sellvia connect widget will be replaced with Sellvia Product Reset.

You have now connected a product to its Sellvia counterpart, meaning if someone buys that product you will be able to place their order through Sellvia.

However, if you want to copy the look of the product from the Sellvia catalog, you will need to reset the featured image, the gallery, the description and the variants.

Click Reset Product, and the system will replace the current images, description and variants with the images, description and variants from the Sellvia catalog.

The process also works with products from Imports Packages.

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