1. Selecting countries that you will ship to

  2. Shipping options settings

  3. Creating paid shipping options

  4. Enabling a shipping option for a product in Product Options

  5. Disabling 'Free' in the Fast Shipping Badge

Sellvia retail prices for products are usually set in such a way that they cover the cost of the product, its shipping cost, and profit margin. We generally recommend providing your customers a free shipping service.

However, if you prefer to offer paid shipping on your site, you can set it up in the AliDropship plugin settings. You can find them in AliDropshipSettingsShipping on your WordPress admin panel.

Selecting countries that you will ship to

First, let us check the settings for the countries where you will ship. If you target a particular country, i.e. the USA, and do not wish customers from other countries to place orders on your site, select the United States in the dropdown 'Countries that you ship to', make sure other countries are not selected and save the changes. If you have products with international shipping on your site, select those countries that you target and save the changes.

Shipping options settings

The buttons Create and Default allow you to create your own shipping options or set default ones (that you can edit later as you need).

The Apply to each product toggle button when enabled allows shipping cost to be calculated per item in your cart. Disabled: shipping cost is applied to the entire cart. For Sellvia products, we would recommend you enable the toggle, as Sellvia products have different shipping rates. Also when shipping is applied to the cart, it stays the same no matter how many items your customer puts in the cart.

The Enable default shipping toggle enables shipping that will be used if you forget to set a shipping for a product. (Otherwise, your customers will not be able to purchase such a product. ) You can keep Free shipping here or rename and set a shipping cost for such products.

Creating paid shipping options

To configure delivery methods create a new one with the Create button or click Edit on the existing one. Now you will be able to change:

  • 'Enable/Disable' the shipping option toggle button

  • 'Title' - This name of the shipping option that your customers will see on the checkout page.

  • 'Minimum order price' toggle. Set a minimum order amount for any shipping. If the order is below that price, the customer will not see this option.

  • 'Delivery Time' - set the number of days required for this shipping option. For example, '1 - 3 business days' for Sellvia products shipped within the US.

  • 'Comment' - your notes that will not be seen to the customers.

  • 'Shipping cost' - Set the cost of delivery that will be added to your selling price for this shipping option. You can check the product shipping cost in the Sellvia catalog and use it or create shipping options with average shipping cost (i.e. put products with the shipping cost of $7 to 12 to a group of $10 shipping).

  • 'Shipping zone' - set those countries that you ship this product to. You can keep the default setting if all your products are shipped to all the countries you have in the Shipping countries settings.

  • 'Apply to' - With that option, you will be able to choose products or categories to which you want that shipping option to be applied. To choose one product or several - click the 'Add' button, then select products and save the changes.


To choose a category or categories, select Apply toCategories, then select a category or categories and save the changes.

Here is an example of shipping options with the shipping rates for the USA. The shipping options are applied to products. The cost is the shipping rates that you can find in the Sellvia catalog or the Product list of the Sellvia plugin. The 'Apply to each product' toggle is on.

With these settings, the customer will see one shipping option for each product at the checkout.

Please note, that AliDropship shipping settings are set in such a way that if a customer takes two or more items of the same product, the shipping cost will be multiplied by the number of items. Here the shipping cost of the Mosquito Killer Lamp is $7 per one item.

Enabling a shipping option for a product in Product Options

If you haven't selected the products (or categories) in the shipping options settings in 'Apply to', such shipping option is applied to all products by default.

As each Sellvia product has one shipping option in the catalog, to do the same in your store, you can apply the shipping option to each product either in the shipping options settings (see the 'Apply to' setting) or in the product options. To apply the shipping option in product settings, go to Products, select a product and click Edit. Scroll down to 'Product Options' and enable necessary shipping options in the 'Shipping' tab.

After making the changes, click the 'Update' button.

Disabling 'Free' in the Fast Shipping Badge

If you set up paid shipping for your store, you need to make appropriate changes for your Fast Shipping Badge. To do that, go to Sellvia → Shipping badge and disable the 'Add FREE' toggle.

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