1. Sending Orders to US Warehouse

  2. 'Product Not Found' Issue

Sending Orders to US Warehouse

When someone buys a Sellvia product you imported, the order appears in Orders and in AppsSellviaOrders.

To see the product list and order details, click on the order in Orders.

Before placing the order on Sellvia, you will need to make sure payment capture is done automatically or manually. You can find more about the setting in Shopify Help center here.

Once the payment capture is done, you can move on to fulfilling the order and placing it with Sellvia. For that, you need to go to AppsSellviaOrders.

For each order in AppsSellviaOrders, there is the Order from Sellvia button. Click it to see the product list and order details:

The Product found status for each item of the order indicates that we found the corresponding product in our warehouse. Check the order details and place the order:

You will be redirected to the checkout page where you can pay for the Sellvia product and shipping:

In this particular case, you sold the product to the customer of your store for US $89.99 and bought the same product from Sellvia for US $35.99. Your net profit is $54.00.

You can find the list of orders in your Sellvia account in the 'Orders' tab.

'Product Not Found' Issue

If we could not find the corresponding product in our warehouse right away, you will be offered to find the product manually:

Type in the product name in the search field and look for the corresponding product in the search results. If you found it, click the Add button:

The corresponding product will appear under Sellvia Products, and the red indicator under Your Order will turn green:

Now you can go back to the product list and complete the order.

If you cannot find the corresponding product using the manual search, please get in touch with our support team.

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