1. Setting up the shipping zone

  2. Creating shipping classes

  3. Enabling a shipping option for a product in Product Data

  4. Disabling 'Free' in the Fast Shipping Badge

Sellvia retail prices for products are often set in such a way that they cover the cost of the product, its shipping cost, and profit margin. We generally recommend providing your customers a free shipping service.

However, if you prefer to offer paid shipping on your site, you can set it up in the WooCommerce plugin settings. You can find them in WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping on your WordPress admin panel.

Setting up the shipping zone

First, let us set the countries where you will ship. If you target a particular country, i.e. the USA with Sellvia products, and do not wish customers from other countries to place orders on your site, create a shipping zone for the United States in WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping → Shipping zones, and create a flat rate Shipping option for it. Make sure you save the changes. If you have products with international shipping on your site, create separate shipping zones for the countries that you target and save the changes.

Creating shipping classes

As Sellvia uses different shipping rates for different products, you can create the shipping classes to charge different costs for particular products.

To create the classes go to WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping → Shipping Classes. The classes on the screenshot are titled by the shipping rates that you can find on Sellvia.

After you created the shipping classes, return to Shipping zones tab and click 'Edit' for the shipping zone you created for Sellvia products. There you can assign shipping costs to each class and save the changes. Here you can also rename the Method title (that appears at the checkout) to USPS.

Enabling a shipping option for a product in Product Data

Now when the shipping classes are created, you need to assign the shipping class to each Sellvia product in your store. To do that, go to 'Products' in your WordPress, click the title of the product you want to assign shipping class, scroll down to 'Product Data' and open the 'Shipping' tab. Select a suitable shipping class (you can check the shipping cost of the product on Sellvia by clicking 'View on Sellvia' at the top bar). and click 'Update' to save the changes.

Now if a customer puts this product into the cart, they will see the shipping rate you have set for the class.

Disabling 'Free' in the Fast Shipping Badge

If you set up paid shipping for your store, you need to make appropriate changes for your Fast Shipping Badge. To do that, go to Sellvia → Shipping Badge and disable the 'Add FREE' toggle.

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