As with any program, there are some restrictions you need to pay attention to. We're constantly improving the program, but as of now Sellvia Affiliate Program has the following limitations:

  1. We're unable to track commissions if the affiliate’s client hasn’t used the affiliate link during the purchase, or started and ended the purchasing process on different devices without the affiliate link.

  2. We use mostly PayPal to pay out the commissions. In order to receive their commission in time, all affiliates should have an active PayPal account. If you cannot accept payments via PayPal due to your current location or any other issues, we can pay your affiliate commissions via bank.

  3. The minimum commission payout is US $50 via PayPal and US $1,000 via bank. If an affiliate has less than $50 or $1,000 in rewards, the payment will not be made that month and the rewards will be carried over to the following month or the month when they exceed $50 or $1,000.

  4. Please note that affiliates do not get commissions for selling items from the Sellvia catalog. The commissions are only applied to the Sellvia Monthly Plan, Sellvia Yearly Plan, and Sellvia Services.

  5. Sorry, but we do not accept applications from PPC advertisers and coupons & deals website owners. Please check affiliates' requirements here.

For additional details, we recommend reviewing the Sellvia Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions or contacting us at

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