Once you've logged into your affiliate dashboard, you'll be able to access everything you need for the Sellvia Affiliate Program.

Below is an overview of your partner dashboard.

  1. Affiliate URLs

  2. Statistics

  3. Referrals

  4. Payouts

  5. Visits

  6. Creatives

  7. Support

  8. Settings

Affiliate URLs

Clicking to the first tab you can access the Affiliate URLs section.

This section contains your affiliate ID and unique affiliate link.

How to create your own affiliate link to different Sellvia pages?

Basically, all affiliate links send traffic directly to the Sellvia Homepage, but you can create your affiliate link to any Sellvia page using REFERRAL URL GENERATOR. Just paste the link to Sellvia page, you'd like to make an affiliate link for and press Generate URL, then below you'll find the Referral URL window with your affiliate link to the dedicated Sellvia page.

How to create campaigns to track your promotion from different channels?

Affiliate referral URLs can include a campaign parameter to help you track and monitor the performance of your affiliate links.

You can name your campaigns in the Affiliate Area when generating an affiliate referral link, or manually append a campaign name to an affiliate referral link. When using the generator, the campaign name will be automatically appended to the affiliate referral link.


In the Statistics section you will see an in-depth overview of primary metrics of all times of your participation in our affiliate program, including visits, average conversion rate, your paid and unpaid earnings.


The Referral section is the commission data recorded for you when a visitor successfully purchases a product after visiting our website via your affiliate link.
When a Referral is generated, its status is automatically set to Unpaid by default. This means you can see you have earned a Referral and how much the commission will be.
The total owing to you is shown in Unpaid Earnings in your Statistics tab. When a commission is paid to you, Referral status changes to Paid. You can see your referrals for the last and current month.


Once we have approved your commissions, we can generate a Payout. Then your affiliate payments are processed and sent directly to your PayPal or bank account.
Affiliate Team approves commissions in 30 days after the end of the calendar month in which the referral purchases were recorded and processes all payments in 15 days after that.

[IMPORTANT] This is only valid for the commissions that exceed $50 via PayPal and $1,000 via bank, our minimum payout amount. In general, if you have less than $50 or $1,000 in rewards, payment will not be made that month and your rewards will carry over to the following month or month until they exceed $50 or $1,000.

What if you recommend a referral but it isn't showing up on your affiliate dashboard?

Sometimes it happens due to cookie limitations, in this case, you can send the referral to us directly at affiliates@sellvia.com. Our team will investigate the issue.


In this section, you'll see visits that was recorded when a visitor lands on our website after clicking on your Affiliate URL. We maintain a 30-day cookie, so this means that if you refer a customer today and if he/she makes a purchase within the next 30 days, then you'll be credited for the sale.


Creatives are marketing materials like banners and text links you can use to promote Sellvia. We automatically add unique parameters in the embed codes of each material so we can recognize which conversions came from visitors that you sent.

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If you have questions about the Affiliate Program, you can reach out to us directly from the Support section.


In this section, you can change your PayPal account and manage your notifications. We also kindly ask you to inform your Affiliate manager about PayPal email or bank details changes.

If you want to change your registration email please contact your manager directly at support@sellvia.com or leave a message in the Support section.

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