You can promote your affiliate link using different methods. It could be:

  • Blog posts;

  • Emails;

  • YouTube videos;

  • Facebook posts and comments;

  • Instagram posts and stories;

  • Twitter posts;

  • Landing pages;

  • Question-and-answer websites;

  • Slideshare and more.

We believe tutorials, comparisons and real-life reviews have the highest potential among other promotion methods. For example, in your blog, YouTube channel or some social media that allows writing quite long texts, you can try explaining how to use the product correctly, and how to benefit from it, compare this exact product with similar solutions, give reviews and testimonials of the people who have actually tried this product.

However, as our partner, you are free to choose any promotional method that does not contradict the Program’s Terms and Conditions.

Do not forget to place your affiliate link in the piece of content you have made:

  • Embed the link in the text;

  • Add the link to the video description on YouTube;

  • Add the link to the posts on social media;

  • Share all links on Sellvia products with your unique affiliate parameter.

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