1. How to register an account with Stripe

  2. Stripe inline checkout

  3. Stripe with 'Strong Customer Authentication'

  4. How to enable iDEAL

How to register an account with Stripe

Please note! You need an SSL certificate installed on your site to use Stripe. If your site URL starts with HTTPS, your site already has an SSL certificate and you can connect Stripe.

To create an account with Stripe, visit Enter your email and full name. Select the country where you’re doing business from. Create a strong password which should be at least 10 characters. Then click the Create account button.

After you have submitted your registration request, you will receive an email notification with further details. Click Verify email address.

To create your API keys and access live data, you need to activate your account first. Click the Start button to add your business details.

Fill out your account application. Start with choosing the country your business is based in. Enter your address with the zip code. Select your type of business from the dropdown menu and click Continue.

As the company representative, share your personal information: your legal name, email address, date of birth, home address, phone number, and last 4 digits of Social Security number.

It is strongly recommended to add your phone number in your Stripe account application. It is also recommended to have a phone number on your site.

Select your niche from the Industry dropdown list. Add your domain name in Business website. In Product description, add a couple of sentences describing what products you sell, and when you charge your customers.

In Fulfillment details, select how you provide products.

In Support details, add your business name and phone number that will be shown to your customers in their credit card statements. Add the customer support address as well.

Then add your bank account details.

Click Submit. You will be notified via email when your account is verified.

To create your Publishable and Secret Keys, go to the API keys tab in your Developers Dashboard. Use the toggle on the right-hand side of the page to view your test credentials. Please note that only test data is available until your account is activated.

Once you have generated your keys, you need to paste them into your payment settings. To do this, go to AliDropship Settings Payments Credit/Debit Cards. Choose Stripe from the Service dropdown menu.

Now you can enable the Stripe payment option on your website.

There are 2 possible integration options: Stripe inline checkout and Stripe with 'Strong Customer Authentication'.

Stripe inline checkout

Stripe inline checkout allows to receive payments on your checkout page without redirecting your customers to Stripe checkout.

Deactivate the Enable Strong Customer Authentication solution toggle.

You can add the title (it will be displayed on the Checkout page) and choose your payment currency from the dropdown menu. To enlarge the list of available currencies, add more in SettingsGeneralAdditional Currencies.

You can also enable or disable the cardholder field (valid only for inline check out).
Paste your Publishable and Secret Keys. Finish by clicking Save Changes.

Stripe with 'Strong Customer Authentication'

Stripe with 'Strong Customer Authentication' redirects customers to the Stripe checkout page to complete a purchase.

Activate the Enable Strong Customer Authentication solution toggle.

Choose the language (when your customer is redirected to the Stripe checkout page, this language will be displayed).

Paste your Publishable and Secret Keys. Add Brand Name if needed. Finish by clicking Save Changes.

How to enable iDEAL

You can enable iDeal (an e-commerce payment system used in the Netherlands, based on online banking. This payment method allows customers to buy on the Internet using direct online transfers from their bank account) inside of Stripe – in this case, your customers will be able to choose the way of payment: using their credit card (by Stripe) or using their bank account (by iDeal).

To accept iDEAL payments through Stripe, you must first activate it on your Dashboard under Stripe Payment settings.

After that, enable iDeal in your WordPress admin area:

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