1. Orders section overview

  2. Sending orders from your store into your Sellvia account

  3. Processing an order in your Sellvia account

  4. Placing orders in bulk in your Sellvia account

  5. From Paid to Delivered - Order Fulfillment statuses

  6. 'Product Not Found' Issue

Orders section overview

When you receive a new order from a customer, you can see it in Sellvia -> Orders on your site. The Orders section of your site contains the information of all the orders your store received, whether they were sent to Sellvia or not:

In this table, you will see the name of the customer who placed the order, the buyer’s email address, the order’s status in your store (Failed, Cancelled, Abandoned, Reserved, or Paid), and the fulfillment status (Not Processed, Processed, Shipped, Completed, or Refunded).

When you click an order, there will be a table with the details you need to know: the ordered product, the order’s ID number, the tracking ID, the order status, and the fulfillment status. Here you will also see a button that sends the order to Sellvia.

You can filter out all orders by date, status, and fulfillment.

In the search field, you can look for orders entering the customer's name, email, order’s ID number, or tracking ID.

You can export orders or customers' emails to a CSV file using the Export Orders and Export Emails buttons.

When you filter orders by email, you can also export the filtered data to CSV:

Sending orders from your store into your Sellvia account

When someone buys an a product in your store, it appears in SellviaOrders:

You should process the order so that Sellvia received it and could send it to your customer. Click on the order that you are going to process. Inside each order, there is the Order from Sellvia button. Click it to see the product list and order details:

The Product found status for each item of the order indicates that we've found the corresponding product in our warehouse.

If you want to add a gift to your order, click Edit, then Add another product:

Type in the title of the product and click Add, then close the tab. The product will appear in the order.

Check the order details and place the order:

You will be redirected to your Sellvia account → 'Orders' → 'Order #' where you can now see your order:

Processing an order in your Sellvia account

When you click 'Order from Sellvia' button, the order will be created as 'Pending' as it is not yet paid. It will also receive its unique Sellvia order number #SORD- that can be used to identify the order in addition to the order number that it received in your store that starts with the first three letters of your domain name.

The order is created, but to send it to the Sellvia warehouse you should click the 'Checkout' button to complete the order.

That will redirect you to the checkout page where you can pay for the products and shipping:

If your payment is a success, you will see a thank you page and in the 'Orders' the payment status of your order in your Sellvia account will change to 'Paid' and you will see the payment invoice number #SELS- added to it.

If you clicked 'Checkout' but for some reason have not completed the payment, the status of the order will stay 'Pending' and you can complete it any time in 'Payments' by clicking the card icon which will send you to the checkout

or by clicking the card icon next to the payment number in the 'Orders' in your Sellvia account.

Placing orders in bulk in your Sellvia account

If you would like to place several orders with Sellvia in one go, send the orders to Sellvia account from your Wordpress as described above then open 'Orders', tick those orders that you are going to place and click 'Checkout' at the top of the page.

The status of the orders will change into 'Paid' once the payment is complete.

From Paid to Delivered - Order fulfillment statuses

The order will pass through several fulfillment steps after you sent it to Sellvia and the Payment status changed into Paid. At first the status of the order is 'Not processed', it will change into 'Placed' once Sellvia receives the order (it make take some time after the payment is complete). then 'Processed' once the warehouse managers start handling the order and 'Shipped' once the order is passed to the shipping company. As soon as the shipping company delivers the order the status of the order will change for the last time into 'Delivered'.

You can find the list of orders in your Sellvia account and their statuses in the 'Orders' tab.

'Product Not Found' Issue

If we could not find the corresponding product in our warehouse right away, you will be offered to find the product manually:

Type in the product name in the search field and look for the corresponding product in the search results. If you found it, click the Add button:

The corresponding product will appear under Sellvia Products:

Now you can go back to the product list and complete the order.

If you cannot find the corresponding product using the manual search, please get in touch with our support team.

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