1. How to create a Google Analytics account

  2. How to add a GA tracking code to your site

  3. How to make Google Analytics live stats show on your dashboard

If you want to check all your traffic stats on-site dashboard, you need to integrate your Google Analytics code into the plugin.

If you do not have a Google Analytics account, you can easily create one for free on the Google Analytics website.

How to create a Google Analytics account

Click here to access Google Analytics. If you have a Google account and are not signed in, click Sign in to Analytics. If you do not have a Google account, choose Start for free.

Type in your account name (for example, your domain name) and click Next:

Type in your property name (you can also use your domain name for that) and click Show advanced options:

Enable Create a Universal Analytics property, type in your Website URL, click the Create a Universal Analytics property only radio button, and then click Next:

Fill in your business information (you can choose any info) and click the Create button:

From the 'Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement' that opens, click I Accept:

In case that pop-up appeared, choose your preferences for email notifications and click Save:

How to add a GA tracking code to your site

Sign in to your Google Analytics account. Click Admin → Tracking info → Tracking Code. Copy the script below Global Site Tag:

Go to your site WP dashboard → Customization → Head → CSS and Scripts Customization and paste the copied script in the < head > tag container for head elements field. Click Save Settings:

How to make Google Analytics live stats show on your dashboard

Go to the Google Developer Console, select your country and accept Terms of Service. Click Agree and continue.

In the Dashboard, click Create project:

Or click Select a project → New Project in the Google Developers Console:

Enter your Project Name and click the Create button:

Go to Dashboard and click the Enable APIs and Services:

Scroll down to the Other section and click Google Analytics API:

Then click Enable:

Go to the Credentials tab and click the Configure Consent Screen button:

Choose the External user type (read more about user types HERE) Click Create:

In App information, enter your App name and User support email:

In Authorized domains, click the +Add domain button and enter your domain name:

In Developer contact information, enter your contact email address and click Save and continue:

In the next two steps (Scopes and Test users), click Save and continue:

In Summary, click Back to dashboard:

Click Publish app:

In the popup window, click Confirm:

Click Credentials Create Credentials and select the OAuth client ID option:

In Application type, select Web application and enter Name:

In Authorized JavaScript origins, click +ADD URI and enter your domain name in URIs 1:

In Authorized redirect URIs, click +ADD URI and paste the link to your site's Traffic report. Click the Create button:

Your Client ID and Your Client Secret will be displayed to you:

Copy them and paste in your WordPress admin area: Sellvia → Reports Traffic Report. Click Continue:

Now click Sign in with Google

Now you can choose an account to continue with, copy the Access code and paste it in the WordPress admin area:

You will be redirected to the WordPress admin area where the Access Code will be pasted. Click Continue:

Select profile and click Continue:


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