1. How to create a Google Analytics account

  2. How to integrate Google Analytics into your website

If you want to check all your traffic stats on-site dashboard, you need to integrate your Google Analytics code into the plugin.

If you do not have a Google Analytics account, you can easily create one for free on the Google Analytics website.

How to create a Google Analytics account

Click here to access Google Analytics. If you have a Google account and are not signed in, click Sign in to Analytics. If you do not have a Google account, choose Start for free.

Type in your account name (for example, your domain name) and click Next:

Type in your property name (you can also use your domain name for that) and click Show advanced options:

Enable Create a Universal Analytics property, type in your Website URL, click the Create a Universal Analytics property only radio button, and then click Next:

Fill in your business information (you can choose any info) and click the Create button:

From the 'Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement' that opens, click I Accept:

In case that pop-up appeared, choose your preferences for email notifications and click Save:

How to integrate Google Analytics into your website

In your WordPress admin area, click the blue Sellvia button on the top of the side panel to switch to Sellvia menu; the words on the button will change into Main menu.

Then go to ReportsTraffic Report and click the Sign in with Google button:

Choose your Google account:

In 'Make sure you trust Sellvia', click the Allow button:

Copy the Access code:

Paste it in the WordPress admin area and click Continue:

Select profile and click Continue:

Done! Now Google Analytics data including number of users, number of new users, percent of new visits, pages per visit, traffic sources, page views, average visit duration, new visits, bounce rate, top countries, and top ten search requests will be available on your site.

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