1. Tax Settings

  2. Tax Rates

  3. Prices displaying

Tax Settings

To access the tax settings, go to SellviaSettings → Taxes and enable taxes:

Activate the Apply to shipping costs toggle if you want to charge sales tax both on products and shipping.

Tax Rates

There are two ways to calculate your taxes:

1. Based on your store address: set up your tax name and tax rate in % according to the tax regulations of you country.

2. Based on customers shipping address: set up tax rules for targeted countries/regions/cities. Leave fields State and City empty if you want a particular tax to be applied to the whole country. Once a customer reaches your checkout page and fills shipping details, the system applies taxes you have set for a particular location automatically.

If you have different cities with different tax rates but with the same city name, add its zip codes separated by comma clicking the Add button:

Prices displaying

There are also two ways to display prices:

1. Excluding taxes: in this case you will see a separate line on checkout page with the name of the tax rate. All prices in your store are shown excluding taxes.

2. Including taxes: in this case all prices in your store are shown including taxes. Information about tax rate will be shown on checkout page after the total amount (in brackets).

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