1. Payment Statuses

  2. Fulfillment statuses

  3. Notifications That Your Customers Receive

When the order is placed, you can see it in your Sellvia AccountOrders.

Payment Statuses

The payment statuses of orders in your Sellvia account can be:

  • Pending

  • Paid

  • Failed

  • Abandoned

  • Refunded

'Pending' status means that the order has not yet been paid. While the order is pending, you can delete the order or make changes to the shipping address in the order.

'Paid' indicates that the payment for this order was a success. Once the order is paid, the cancellation of the order or any changes can only be done via contacting and only if the order was not yet shipped.

'Failed' will appear if there was some issue with the payment - there was a typo in the card data, your account had insufficient funds, your bank does not allow the transaction for some reason.

'Abandoned' means that the order payment was initiated but not completed.

'Refunded' appears if the payment was refunded at your request.

Fulfillment Statuses

The Fulfillment statuses can be:

  • Not Processed

  • Placed

  • Processed

  • Shipped

  • Delivered

  • Canceled

  • Refunded

'Not Processed' is the status that the order has when you have just placed the order with Sellvia. This status will only change for 'Paid' orders. If your order is pending, the order will not be processed until it is paid.

'Placed' is the indicator that the order was passed to the warehouse and the processing of the order has started. The status usually changes on the next business day after the order was paid.

'Processed' status means that the warehouse has received your order and the team is handling it. The order is usually processed on the next business day (i.e. if your order was placed on a Friday evening, it will be processed on Monday).

'Shipped' status appears when your order is shipped and got a tracking ID. Tracking IDs appear in your Sellvia AccountOrders.

You can check whether the package was delivered by checking the tracking IDs on USPS. The shipping within the USA is 1-3 business days.

'Delivered' signifies that the shipping company has delivered the order to your customer.

'Canceled' would mean that there is some issue with the order so it had to be canceled. Please contact if you see this status.

'Refunded' is set if your customer requested the refund of the product after the start of the order processing and means the refund has been processed.

Note: The changes of the status in your Sellvia account does not change the status of the order on your WordPress site.

Notifications your customer receives

When your customer places an order on your site, they receive a 'Thank You for Your Purchase' notification from your WordPress site.

After that, you place the customer's order with Sellvia. When you pay for the order, you receive a receipt from Sellvia. Please note that your customer does not get any notifications at that moment.

Finally, when the order is processed and shipped, your customer receives an automated notification from a shipping company (ShippingEasy) that contains their tracking ID.

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