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With Abandoned Cart add-on you can remind your customers what they have added to their shopping cart but did not buy and encourage them to complete their purchase. It is one of the most powerful marketing tools designed not only to reconnect with clients, but also generate more sales.

Before getting started with Abandoned Cart add-on, don't forget to set up your mailing service according these instructions.

Dashboard overview

Go to the Abandoned Cart Dashboard to get started. Click on the calendar icon to choose the certain time frames for statistics to show. The summary contains the following information provided for the chosen period:

  • Abandoned carts – the total number of abandoned carts

  • Emails sent – the total number of emails sent

  • Recovered carts – the total number of recovered carts. Abandoned cart becomes a recovered one if a customer visits the cart again using the link provided in abandoned cart email notification he received

  • Recovered orders – the total number of recovered orders. An order is considered recovered in case a customer visits his cart again using the link in abandoned cart email notification and completes his purchase

  • Revenue – the total revenue of recovered orders.

Abandoned Carts

Abandoned Carts tab provides full information about your customers’ abandoned carts.

To check your clients’ abandoned carts for a preferred time period, click on the calendar icon. It is possible to delete carts one by one and in bulk by checking some carts and clicking Bulk action Delete.

Email Templates

In Email Templates tab you can activate and edit email templates to send your clients. There are five email templates available by default. Click the Use Default Settings button to create default settings. To add yours, click the Add New button.

Click the Edit icon to make alterations to a certain template. It is fully customizable: change template name, subject and body and add media files. Also, you may do your own time settings: after how many hours/days after a cart was abandoned your client should receive a reminder.

You can set an e-mail here, so your customers can use it to contact you, once they receive an Abandoned Cart e-mail:

Your clients will receive another email template (in case you have more activated in your add-on settings) if they visit the abandoned cart link provided in the reminder you sent them. There is a sequence of 5 emails in total.

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