With the help of this tool you can create bulk discounts on your Products. Your customers will see the offer right on your Product Page:

Note: The add-on applies its discount to the sale price, but not to the original price (price before a discount).

To create a bulk discount, you should reach the Dashboard of the Bulk Discount add-on.

Dashboard is a place where you can create your bulk discounts and also view information about your already created discounts:

  • Create - click to create a new bulk discount;

  • Delete Bulk - click to delete several discounts at once by selecting them;

  • Title - a titile for internal use only;

  • Apply to - information about the type of the discount. A discount can be applied; to a category or to a product or several products (even from different categories);

  • Total - information about views and orders generated by the discount;

  • Status - enable or disable the discount by switching this toggle;

  • Action - edit or delete the discount.

After you click 'Create' button, a new not activated bulk discount appears. To start working with it, you should click 'Edit' button:

  • Enable your discount and customize its internal title (if needed):

  • Choose the type of your discount. Click 'Add' to add Products to your discount:

  • Select Products:

Here you can set values for your discount:

  • Quantity: estimates the quantity of Products to be discounted;

  • Discount type: % Discount or $ Amount discount;

  • Amount/Discount, %: numeric value for the discount;

  • {{quantity}}PCS (SAVE {{value}}) -- Text template of the discount, which is shown on the Product page

  • Text Button: the Text which is displayed on the modal window trigger-button:

Note: modal window allows a customer select different Product Variations (in case he or she need different variations, otherwise one can still click the discount offer button) and still benefit from the discount you offer:

Fill in required information and click '+' to add the discount:

Also, you can customize display features of your discount offers:

  • You can choose an icon to be displayed next to your discount offer:

Note: unfortunately, the icon feature is not compatible with Rubens Theme and in this case we do not recommend set an icon, while using Rubens Theme. You can disable it here, by selecting 'No':

  • Customize Color 1: discount offer button

  • Customize Color 2: discount value text and modal window button

  • Customize Color 3: when discount offer is selected

Click 'Save and activate' when you are ready:

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