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Multiply your monthly profit with Product Bundle! Add an unlimited number of customizable and easy-to-shop bundles in just a few clicks.

Note: one and the same Product can be put only to one Bundle, but not to two or more different Bundles

To get started, click 'Product Bundle' in your Sellvia dashboard and then 'Create Bundle':


Let us look through all the settings before we start create this bundle:

  • Enabled/Disabled - you can either turn on, or turn off your bundle at any time;

  • Internal Title - you'll need to create a title for your bundle (only you will see it);

  • Bundle Type (Fixed amount, Fixed amount off, %off, No discount, BOGO) - these are the types of available Bundles, which vary on the discount rules.

  • Discount - the neccessary numerical value for some Bundle Types;

  • Button color/Button color active - the usual and active color scheme of a button for bundle;

  • Start and End date - you can turn it on and select a schedule for your bundle if you need;

  • Title - the title for your Bundle, which is visible on you site;

  • Click to add a product section - a place, were you can add your Products to the bundle.

  • Bundle button - the button to make a purchase (similar to 'Add to Cart'), which text can be customized.

Also, you can combine products into product bundles automatically. These product bundles can be based on Product Category and/or Supplier. To combine products into product bundle, you should use these settings:

You can choose here one Supplier from the list (or All Suppliers), and one Category from the list (or All Categories) and the number of Products in the product bundle (2 or 3).

After you choose these settings, just click 'Create Bundle', and Product Bundle add-on will combine products into a product bundle according to conditions you have chosen.

For example:

After that, you should fill in necessary details of this product bundle (discount amount, title and schedule if needed).

In case the conditions you have set for automatic product bundle creation are impossible, you will see this notification:

When you don't need this feature, just set Products quantity to zero and continue product bundles creation in manual mode:

Please note: any Bundle can include not less than 2 and not more than 3 Products.

Let's create all 5 bundles according to the number of available Bundle Types.

Fixed amount

Fixed amount means a precise price, which your clients will pay for your bundle. Let's say, that normal price of your products in the bundle is $28.52 and you want to make an offer and sell them for $20. That is possible:

  • Click to add a product:

  • Choose your Product from the list and click 'Add':

  • You can add up to 3 Products to your bundle:

  • Let's create an internal title, make a fixed $20 amount and enable this bundle:

  • Click 'Save':

  • Our first bundle is created. Let's click 'View' icon to check the result:

  • It appears on the every page of the Products, which are included in the bundle:

  • On the Cart page, you can see, that the discount is applied:

  • Also, there is a feature, that removes a discount automatically, if any bundle Product is removed from the Cart:

Fixed amount off

This is a simple currency discount. For example your bundle Products normal total price is $22.67 and you want to make a $20 discount.

  • You should add your Products as you've done before, give your bundle an internal title, put 20 as a discount value, click 'Enabled' and click 'Save':

% off

% off is a commonly used discount type. You can create a bundle and apply a percental discount on it, for example 50%:

  • You should add your Products as you've done before, give your bundle an internal title, put 50 as a discount value, click 'Enabled' and click 'Save':

  • As a result, you will see this bundle:


BOGO is a Buy-One-Get-One for free type discount. But, you can also use it as Buy-One-Get-Two for free, or Buy-Two-Get-One for free, just as you wish.

Let's create a Buy-Two-Get-One for free bundle offer.

  • The creation of this type of bundle is almost the same as in previous cases, except you don't need to put a number value of a discount. You only choose, which Product/Products are free in this bundle, by clicking the 'make free' button:

  • As a result, you will see this bundle. The free Product has a relevant tag above and no price below:

  • The discount on the Cart page:

No discount

You can also create a bundle with no discount at all if you want. You should add your Products as you've done before, give your bundle an internal title, click 'Enabled' and click 'Save'.

You can manage all your existing bundles anytime. Here, you can edit, view and delete them. Also, you can check stats of all your bundles here: views, add to carts and sales.

Also, you can set a schedule for your Bundle if you need. Just enable 'Start and End date' and choose the start and end date for the Bundle:

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