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SEO Image Optimizer is designed to improve your website speed and SEO ranking.

It includes four tools: Minimizer, Alt Optimizer, Title Renamer and Watermarker.


  1. If you have already used other image optimization plugins and your images are already compressed, using Minimizer option of SEO Image Optimizer is not recommended.

  2. SEO Image Optimizer can optimize only images stored on your server. All images in Sellvia products are saved on your hosting server.

You can always order the Setup Service for this add-on here.


Minimizer compresses your images without quality loss making your shop work faster. It saves 40-70% of the image size and dramatically increases page load speed used by Google as a ranking factor in its algorithm.

Go to SellviaSEO Image OptimizerMinimizer and click Start Minimizing. All your images will be optimized.

Please Note! Only images that are stored on your server can be minimized.

It is recommended activating the auto minimizing mode to make all your images optimized automatically once they appear on your site.

You can also use the option for original images backup in case you want to restore your original images at any point.

Alt Optimizer

To increase traffic from image search your webstore images must have Alt tag. With Alt Optimizer tool you can automatically add optimized Alt texts to your images in seconds by using done for you templates or creating your own one.

Before starting optimization of your image Alt texts, you need to select a template or create your own one. You can apply different templates to your product images and other images on your site (for example, images in blog posts).

In case you don't use AliDropship plugin, you can still optimize Alt Texts and Titles of your Post-linked images:

After optimizing your current images on your site, it is also recommended activating the auto mode in order to optimize all new images automatically.

In case you need to change Alt texts for already optimized images, use 'Re-build all Alt texts' option.

Title Renamer

Images can be a great source of organic traffic for a store if images are named correctly. Descriptive, keyword-rich image titles and filenames are crucial for image SEO optimization.

Title Renamer works the same way as Alt Optimizer. Rename your image titles with customizable templates to ensure that Google will display them to as many potential customers as possible.

Please Note! Title Renamer will rename only titles (not file names) of images which were added to your site before (in order not to damage links on your site). However, if you activate the auto mode, the Title Renamer will optimize titles for new images.


This tool allows you to put your own Watermark on your Products to protect your product images from being stolen by competitors:

You can choose between two options - a Text based or an Image based watermark. Also, you can select the position, size and opacity of your watermark. You can apply watermark to non-product images be enabling a related toggle as well:

To add your watermark on your Products, click 'Start editing'. Also, there is a feature 'Automatically add watermark to new images', which makes this process even more convenient in future.

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