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  2. Trust Badges

  3. Social Proof

With the help of this multi-purpose add-on, you will be able to create a special mood at your online store, which will help your customers to make up their minds about their purchases a little bit faster.

Let's take a look at three main features of the Urgency add-on: Cart Timer, Trust Badges and Social Proof.

Cart Timer

You can set a special 'urgent' message on your Cart, and everyone who puts something to their carts and proceed to checkout will see it. For example, like this:

Trust Badges

You can add badges to your checkout Page, which surely add more trust to your online store. There is a collection of these badges included in the add-on already. Take a look at this example:

Social Proof

You can add special icons to each of your Products to inform your potential clients about how often people buy something at your store:

So, after this short review we describe each feature in more detailes.

Please Note: the Andy Warhol theme a built-in social proof tool, so the same function included in the Urgency add-on won’t work on stores with this theme. Trust badges and the cart countdown timer will still be functional, however.

Cart timer:

First of all, we need to enable this feature by clicking the relevant 'Enable' button.

After it, you can select the reservation time for your cart:

The next setting below allows you to choose a template for your message:

There are three templates available already, and also you can create your own message by choosing 'Custom text'.

You can also select the action after the timer eventually expires. There are two options: to save cart anyway, or really to clear it:

After all these steps, you can customize the appearance of your cart timer message:

Don't forget to click 'Save'.

And of course, you can always preview your message in the box on the right:

Cart timer message is ready, and everyone, who puts something to his or her cart will see it.

Trust Badges:

As in previous case, we need to enable this feature by clicking 'Enable' button.

After it, we can start choosing badges for our Checkout page right away. Just click on each Badge category to start choosing from it:

  • Gold:

  • Solid-colored:

  • Full-colored:

  • Payment:

Just click on any badge you like and it will automatically appear in the preview section:

If you want to select any other badges, just click it again in its Category and choose another one. Remember, that there are only 3 badges allowed at a time.

Also, you can customize the message above these badges - change its text and color:

Badges are ready and we are moving forward.

Social Proof:

First of all, we need to enable this form by clicking 'Show total views of product'.

After it, you can choose the icon for 'total views':

In the 'Text' section you can create your own text or to use the existing one (but don't remove the {{view}}):

You can also enable this feature:

That means, that you can set an approximate value for the views number, which will be randomly shown as a number of real product views:

Also, you can choose not to generate some random values, but to show real ones. In this case, you need to disable this feature:

Also, you can choose here the limit of views, after which they will be shown.

In order to set-up 'Total added to cart':

and 'Total bought products',

You can also use 'Display AliExpress orders number' feature. 'Added to cart' and 'views of product' values are generated automatically in this case (according to a special in-built formula). Orders number is synchronized with AliExpress orders number once, 'added to cart' and 'views of product' values are generated once as well and then these values are reflecting the real actions made on your site (not AliExpress).

You need to perform the exact steps as for 'Total views'.

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