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Log in

To log in to your Sellvia account, use the account details you've got in the email after subscribing to Sellvia:


Here you can see the information about your subscription: its status (Active or On hold if the subscription is not renewed), the date of its start and the end of the paid period.

In the right panel there is a button to download the Sellvia plugin for your Woocommerce or Alidropship site

Note This plugin version will not suit for a free turnkey store with Sellvia Pro subscription.

The 'Open Catalog' button allows to quickly open the Sellvia Catalog page.


Here you can monitor your API keys, view their status, deactivate the keys, create new keys.

If you have a site where you would like to activate Sellvia plugin, you can create new keys by clicking the plus icon in the top right corner, then click arrow down symbol to see the inactive keys, copy them one by one with the copy icon, insert them on your site in Sellvia API keys section and click activate. The keys status will change to Active and the domain of your site will appear to the left of the status.

If you would like to deactivate Sellvia plugin on a site, you can deactivate its API keys. Click on the three dots to the right of the necessary API keys line and click Deactivate that will appear. Alternatively, you can tick the box near the keys you want to deactivate and then click Deactivate button above the boxes. That way you can deactivate several keys in one go.


View and manage all your Sellvia orders here. Find every order’s details: order ID, shipping address (under the arrow down button), order amount, payment and fulfillment status, and tracking.

You can filter the orders by date (using calendar) or by status (choosing the necessary one from the dropdown list). You can also use search field to find the orders by order ID on Sellvia or in your store or customer's name and email.

For orders that have been paid you will be able to download the invoices for accounting purposes.

The billing info can be edited in the Personal info Tab, the shipping address is your customer's address.


Here you can find all the payment invoices that are created when you click checkout when placing the orders with Sellvia and finish payment of those that you haven't completed for some reason.


The 'Deposit' section allows you to add funds to your Sellvia account balance to later use these funds when placing your customers' orders instead of typing your card info for each payment.

In the 'Deposit' subtab, the upper panel will show your current balance; the lower one will help you to deposit a fixed amount to your Sellvia account balance.

The 'Transactions' subtab in 'Deposit' will show you the history of your transactions when you added the funds and when you spent them.

Personal Information

This tab has your name and billing address that is used for the invoices in Orders.


You can reset your account password here. Click the reset password button and type in the current password and then the password you would like to use twice and click 'Save changes' to change the password.

Here you will also find the Cancel Subscription link. If you want to cancel your Sellvia subscription, you can click this link.

We would also recommend to contact to get a confirmation that the subscription was canceled. You will retain access to your subscription account until the end of your subscription period.

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