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To log in to your Sellvia account, use the account details you've got in the email after subscribing to Sellvia:


It is an overview of API Keys, Orders and Settings sections.

API Keys

Here, you can download the Sellvia plugin, monitor your API keys, view their status, check their expiry dates, deactivate the keys, and send a request to cancel your subscription.

Under the payment date there is the Cancel Subscription link. If you want to stop your Sellvia subscription, you can click this link to send a request about canceling your subscription to our support team. You are unsubscribed when you receive confirmation from a support manager. You will retain access until the end of your subscription period.


View and manage all your Sellvia orders here. Find every order’s details: order ID, shipping address, order amount, payment and fulfillment status, and tracking.

You can filter the orders by date (using calendar) or by status (choosing the necessary one from the dropdown list). You can also use search field to find the orders with definite product, order ID or customer's email.


In the Settings area you can add or edit your personal information and billing address. You can also change password here.

Sellvia Academy

This section contains a link to Sellvia Marketing Academy. Click it and learn how to promote your business like a pro.

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