1. Sellvia Product Reviews

  2. Create theme files

Sellvia Product Reviews

Sellvia allows importing reviews that come with the product:

The dates in the reviews are generated randomly in the range from three days to six months. If you want to update the dates in your product reviews, update your Sellvia products in AppsSellviaUpdate Products.

Create theme files

To have reviews displayed on your products, go to AppsSellviaProduct Reviews tab and click the Create theme files button:

If you are using one of the supported Shopify themes, creating theme files is enough for reviews to appear on product pages.

Theme files are created once for one theme, so you don't need to create them each time you import a new product. But if the store theme is changed, the theme files must be created again.

If the theme is unsupported, please contact us at, and we will add reviews to your store manually.

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