1. For those who subscribed on

  2. For those who subscribed on Shopify

  3. How to unsubscribe

For those who subscribed on

If you have subscribed to Sellvia on or and have Sellvia on your WordPress store, it can be activated on your Shopify store only manually.

Click the Already have Sellvia subscription? link in the Pricing tab of the app.

Copy and paste the keys from your active Sellvia account into the fields (you might need to create new keys) and click Link accounts. The Sellvia app will be linked to your account.

For those who subscribed on Shopify

The easiest way to get Sellvia is to install the Sellvia app to your Shopify store and subscribe to it. Please note that one subscription is valid for one Shopify store only.

You can view your subscription plan and manage your subscription in AppsSellviaPricing.

You can try Sellvia during a 7 days free trial.

How to unsubscribe

  • If you have subscribed to Sellvia on or, you can unsubscribe in your Sellvia Account → API Keys. Under the payment date there is the Cancel Subscription link. If you want to stop your Sellvia subscription, you can click this link and cancel your subscription anytime.

When you cancel your Sellvia subscription for WordPress, it will be cancelled for Shopify as well. You will retain access until the end of your subscription period.

  • If you have the Sellvia subscription on Shopify, at the bottom of your Pricing tab there is the Cancel button. It allows you to stop your subscription at any moment:

When the subscription is cancelled, all tabs in the app will be blocked, so you will lose access to all Sellvia options in your Shopify store.

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