1. What is Sellvia Academy

  2. How to start learning

  3. Sellvia Academy structure

What is Sellvia Academy

All users have free access to Sellvia Ecommerce Marketing Academy.

Sellvia Academy is an educational resource for learning digital marketing. It is aimed to grow your marketing skills and help you promote your business like a professional.

Sellvia Academy includes roadmaps and video lessons on how to advertise your business depending on your budget and the time available. These lessons are created by Sellvia team of ecommerce and marketing experts.

How to start learning

Go to your Sellvia Account → Sellvia Academy tab and click the Go to Academy button:

If you don't have account on Sellvia, you can go to Sellvia website and choose Marketing Academy from the Learn dropdown menu:

Choose the section you are interested in and start watching the videos.

You can also watch a free webinar describing how to start your business with Sellvia here.

Sellvia Academy structure

There are three main sections in Sellvia Academy:

Roadmaps are step-by-step instructions on how to advertise your business. Here you can choose the appropriate level based on its budget and time consumption (basic, moderate, advanced, or expert).

Free promotion is for those store owners who have no budget for marketing activities. Here, you can choose among 15 promotion methods that won’t cost you a penny.

Paid promotion is for those ecommerce entrepreneurs who are ready to spend some money for advertising. Here, you will find 4 cost-effective and easy-to-follow strategies to match every pocket.

Running and promoting an ecommerce store can be challenging for beginners. If you’re puzzled over something (or just need an extra hand or two), choose from these helpful services, all done by our team.

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