1. sitemap.xml and robots.txt

  2. SEO meta data fields

  3. SEO meta data generator

In case you do not use any third-party WordPress SEO plugins on your site, we recommend using SEO tools available with Sellvia plugin. To apply SEO settings, click the blue Sellvia button on the top of the side panel to switch to Sellvia menu; the words on the button will change into Main menu.

Then go to Settings → SEO:

sitemap.xml and robots.txt

Activate this option to generate sitemap.xml and robots.txt files.

A sitemap is important because it tells the search engines about the content that you have on your site and how often it’s updated. It makes it easier for Google to index your site and show it on search results.

A robots.txt is a file at the root of your site that indicates those parts of your site you don’t want accessed by search engine crawlers.

SEO meta data fields

If this option is enabled, SEO meta data fields will be added to every product on your site. You can enter data in these fields to make your product pages look more SEO friendly.

SEO meta data generator

Turn on this option to generate SEO meta data for your product pages automatically.

SEO meta data includes titles, descriptions and keywords.

Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions are hidden text elements on your page that are used to describe your site on search engines. These elements are meant to give a small taste of what your site is about for people who have come across your page by way of a search engines:

With Sellvia SEO settings, you can generate SEO meta data for different types of pages on your site.

  • Home page

  • Product page

You can create your own title and description or use default templates.

Click the tags to insert them into the text.

Enable keywords here and save changes:

  • Category page

You can change the default templates to suit your needs. Click the tags to insert them into the text.

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