Content marketing can make your store rank higher on Google and create extra value for your clients. In ecommerce, it’s a great idea to have a blog integrated into your online store. By writing articles for a blog, you create practical content that’s helpful and valuable for your audience — and that also can help your website rank higher on Google.

And what’s more, these articles are great for repurposing: you can share them as posts on Facebook, turn them into infographics to show on Pinterest and Instagram, make short videos out of them to upload to YouTube… Make such a piece of content once, and you can keep using it for weeks or even months!

Here are some types of articles you can write for your blog to bring actual value to the readers and make them interested in your offers:

  • Product announcement

  • Product comparison

  • Large-scale product selection

  • Relevant advice

  • How-to guides and instructions

To learn more about promotion with the help of SEO and content marketing, watch this guide from Sellvia Marketing Academy.

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