TikTok is one of the most promising and fast-growing platforms for promoting your ecommerce business. It is especially true if you target younger people. If you want the younger audience to fall in love with your brand, TikTok is your winning choice.

A catchy brand profile starts with a username: make it identical or at least very similar to your actual brand name or the name you use for your other social media accounts. It helps with your brand integrity and lets your already existing fans find you easier.

Then, make the most of the eighty characters of your bio. This short text should tell everything you want people to know about you as a business and the value you offer to your audience. You can also use this space to announce sales or seasonal offers and share links to your website pages or other social media accounts to boost your online presence.

Your bio text can also contain your specific business keywords. Using them, you let the TikTok algorithm know what your content is going to be about, and rank it accordingly.

Pay attention to your profile picture. It should be a high-quality image: either your logo or something that’s closely related to your brand and gives the idea of what you’ll be sharing with the community.

To learn more about how you can use TikTok to your business' benefit, watch this Sellvia Marketing guide.

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