To promote your store on Pinterest, you need to have a business account, not a personal one. It will give you access to more specific features which you’ll need as a dropshipping entrepreneur (like an opportunity to link your account to your site).

To create a business account, you need to:

  1. Go to

  2. Click Business, then Sign Up.

  3. Enter your Email, Password, and Age.

  4. Click Create account.

Follow the prompts to complete your business profile:

  1. Click the edit icon to add your profile picture.

  2. Enter your business name.

  3. Add your website if you have one.

  4. Select your Country/region.

  5. Select your Language.

Your clients should easily recognize your account. Make sure your profile photo is your store’s logo is square of a suitable size (180 x 180 pixels or larger).

The cover board should match your niche and store identity. You can find a photograph on some free photo stocks, like Pexels and Unsplash.

The bio should tell about your business concept and mention the benefits of shopping in your store.

After these things are done, and your account is ready, you should claim your website. Check the link in the description to learn more about it.

So, once you set up your profile photo, cover board, bio, and website link, you’re ready to move on! To learn more about how to promote your store on Pinterest, watch this guide from Sellvia Marketing Academy.

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