1. General

  2. Attributes

  3. Variations

  4. Shipping

  5. Item Specifics

  6. Packaging

  7. Gallery

  8. Cross-Selling

  9. SEO


In the General section you can check and customize general information about the product.

  • Simple product (product without variations): Product price is the original product price. Sale price is the current sale price. The Discount field shows how many per cent will be off the product.

You can change the total number of available items in Quantity, number of items in the package in Lot number, product rating in Rate, numbers of orders placed in Orders and comments about the product in Notes. These fields remain unchanged when you update product price and stock, you may customize them the way you want. Click Save Changes to keep the edited information.

  • Variable product: to edit price and quantity of a variable product, click GO HERE. You will be redirected to Variations to continue.


Here you can manage already existing products attributes, delete them, split product by attributes or add new ones.

Note that you should not add attributes to Sellvia products to be able to process customers' orders.


Variation is a combination of attributes. In this tab, you can select default variation from the dropdown menu in the Set default variation field.

You can either edit variations one by one or edit all of them at once. Click the bars icon to make changes to a certain variation.

You can not only change your variation price, but also enable or disable it so that it is not shown on your website. Click Save Changes.

To make changes effective for all product variations, use the Bulk action option → Edit: add Price, Sale Price and Quantity and click Apply.

You can add new product variations if necessary. Click the Add Variation button to continue.

Note that you should not add variations to Sellvia products to be able to process customers' orders.


General shipping methods you have enabled for all your products in Sellvia → Settings → Shipping can be adjusted for individual items in the Shipping section of Product Options.

Item Specifics

Here you can manage already existing features, delete them and add your own details.


Packaging displays packaging details. All the fields are customizable.


Add, delete images and alter the order they are shown on Single product page. To make changes to pictures, use Image Editor, the built-in editing tool. Click the pencil icon to start editing.


Products you choose in this section will be shown on Single product page in Related items. If there are no products added, random items will be shown as Related. Click Add Product to add cross-selling items:

Filter your products by category or use Search to find some particular items. Click the Add button to add products and the Delete button to delete them.

To disable cross-selling for all your goods, go to Customization → Single product and uncheck Show random related products. You will still be able to add cross-selling items for individual products.


Make sure you enabled the SEO meta data fields toggle switch in Sellvia → Settings → SEO so that you can manage SEO settings of individual products.

If you actvate SEO meta data generator, SEO titles, descriptions and keywords will be generated and added to product pages automatically.

To learn more about SEO settings, please consult this guide.

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