Image editor is a powerful built-in feature designed to make changes to product images directly from WordPress admin panel.

To edit images of the imported product, click the image you need to alter. Click the pencil icon to start making improvements.

  • Hand

Drag and drop the image.

  • Size

Select the preferred size for the image by choosing the option that suits your needs most.

  • Effects

Adjust lightning (brightness, contrast, etc.) in the Lightning tab:

Find the perfect effect for your image in the Effect tab:

  • Select

Copy, move and remove selected image areas.

  • Blur

Soften an image in specific areas or obscure details in an image.

  • Brush

Choose color and size of brush to draw anything you want.

  • Eraser

Remove the part of the picture.

  • Text

Type in the text for the image, adjust its size, color and placement.

  • Sticker

Select a sticker to add sales information about the product. There are two types of stickers available: ready-to-use and editable.

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