1. 2Checkout Inline with PayPal overview

  2. How to register a 2checkout account

  3. How to enable 2Checkout Inline with PayPal payment option

2Checkout Inline with PayPal overview

2Checkout Inline with PayPal allows you to accept payments with all major credit cards and PayPal (even if you don't have a PayPal account or PayPal is not supported in your country).

Inline Checkout acts as an iframe that opens on your website, enabling you to receive payments without redirecting your customers to a third party checkout.

Before applying for your account approval, please make sure that your website is set up properly:

  • You have all products (please check the list of prohibited products) added to your site with a proper description;

  • You have Refund policy, Delivery policy and Privacy policy pages;

  • You have all contact details (address, email, phone number) on your site.

How to register a 2checkout account

Go to this page to sign up for an account. Fill out the required fields to create an account. Once you have submitted your registration request, you will receive an email confirmation with your account number and further guidance.

To get your account approved, you need to submit your business application.
Learn more about Account Activation Process.

Click Request activation to start adding your business information.

You need to go through 6 steps of Application Request:

1. Merchant location: select a country you are based in, provide existing or estimated annual sales volume for your company, in Primary Product/Service field you are expected to select the product or service that best represents the highest proportion of sales on your website. We recommend that you choose ‘Other’ and describe your business as ‘an eCommerce store’.

2. Product information: insert here the links to your Refund, Delivery, Privacy policy, and link to one of your products.

3. Account details: add your business and tax details, contact information.

4. Ownership details: proceed with owner's contacts and documents.

5. Payout details: select a payout method.

6. Upload documents:

Click Submit Application once you've completed the form.

If you have any questions regarding these steps, please look through 2checkout knowledge center, or contact 2checkout support via your Dashboard: Profile → Contact Us → Contact form.

After you have submitted your application, you will receive an email from 2checkout team. In your account review you will be notified whether your application has been approved or not.

You need to be sure that Inline Checkout is enabled in your account. Go to Setup → Generate links:

If Inline Checkout is missing, please contact 2checkout support for activation.

How to enable 2Checkout Inline with PayPal payment option

To access the payments settings, go to your WordPress admin area and click the blue Sellvia button on the top of the side panel to switch to Sellvia menu; the words on the button will change into Main menu.

Then activate 2Checkout Inline with PayPal as your payment gateway in Settings → Payments → Credit/Debit Cards. Choose 2Checkout Inline with PayPal in the Service dropdown menu to start setting up your payment method. Enable the toggle switch. To be able to place demo sales to see the purchase process as a buyer would, activate demo mode.

Copy Merchant Code (Account number) and Secret Key from your 2checkout Dashboard → Integrations → Webhooks and API:

Paste them in your WordPress admin area: Sellvia → Settings → Payments → Credit/Debit Cards → 2Checkout Inline with PayPal.

You may add Title (it will be shown instead of the default ‘Credit Card’) and Brand Name as well. Finish by clicking Save Changes.

Copy the value of the IPN URL field:

Paste it to your 2CO account → Integration → Webhooks & API → IPN Settings:

To make data exchange faster, please click the Edit icon near the IPN URL, tick on the Allow concurrent requests (faster notifications) box and click Save:


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