Google Shopping ads' task is to show people products when they are searching for them. These product offers appear on the first page of a person's search results, so users don't have to open each website and search for what they need. Google shows products from many stores in one place, complete with prices and images. Shoppers see all the products in a row or on a special shopping page, and that makes the decision-making process easier.

Google Shopping's targeting is based on keywords, so the product's reach might be lower than on Facebook. Only the people who entered a specific keyword will see your prospective Google Shopping ad.

Regardless of lower reach (in comparison with Facebook), Google offers higher-quality traffic, because people search for the products intentionally. That means viewers are more likely to buy from you after seeing a Google Shopping ad once they are on your website.

Besides, running the ads with Google is really easy. Google allows you to set the campaign within a few clicks.

To start a campaign on Google, you will need a Gmail account, a Google Ads account, a Google Merchant Center account, a Google Analytics account – and a budget to run your ad campaigns.

Watch our Google ads guide to learn how to set up a Google Merchant Center account and start your Google ads campaigns.

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