1. Social Rabbit plugin overview

  2. Social Rabbit installation

  3. Social Rabbit activation

  4. Social Rabbit license FAQs

Social Rabbit plugin overview

If you want to increase your sales through social media activities, we recommend using Social Rabbit plugin. Actually, the plugin can replace a dedicated full-time social media manager.

Social Rabbit will auto-run and auto-promote your WordPress sites on 4 top social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Main Features:

  • Smart auto-posting – shares content of your website in social accounts

  • Social Accounts Promotion – boosts your Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts via attracting mass attention to them

  • Rapid indexing of your website by search engines

  • Worktime reduced by as much as 70%

Learn more about this tool at

Here you can find the Social Rabbit Knowledge Base.

You can always order the Setup Service for Social Rabbit here.

Social Rabbit installation

Log in to your WP account with the provided access details.

Go to the Plugins tab in your WordPress admin area and click the Add New button:

Click the Upload Plugin button, choose a file to upload, and click Install Now:

The plugin will be installed from the uploaded file. Click the Activate Plugin button:

The installed plugin will appear in the left sidebar:

Social Rabbit activation

Once you have purchased the Social Rabbit plugin, you will receive a notification email with your plugin license key. To activate it, copy the key and go to your Dashboard → Social Rabbit → License. Paste the key into the license key field and click Save:

Social Rabbit license FAQs

  • Can I transfer my license key to another domain?

In case you decide to change a domain name, your Social Rabbit plugin license key should be reset. Please forward your request to the Social Rabbit support team, and your license will be reset shortly, so that you can activate it on your new domain.

  • Why am I unable to activate my license key?

The most common reason why your license key cannot be activated is a domain name discrepancy. It can take place after an SSL certificate has been installed on your website. Go to Dashboard→ Settings → General to make sure your WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) are the same as your domain name. Change ‘http’ to ‘https’ in these fields if your domain name contains https.

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