1. How to install and activate the theme

  2. Demo Content

  3. General

  4. Head

  5. Header

  6. Home

  7. Single Product

  8. Featured Product

  9. Category Page

  10. Checkout

  11. Checkout Conversion Boosters

  12. About Us

  13. Thank You

  14. Contact Us

  15. Social Media

  16. Footer

  17. FAQs

  18. Subscription Form

  19. Blog

  20. 404 Page

  21. Customer Account

  22. How to manage your menus

  23. How to make the most of your product categories

  24. Live customization

Frida is a theme for small inventory designed to help you showcase items in an engaging way and elevate your brand. Please use this link to see the demo website.

How to install and activate the theme

Once you've downloaded the theme, enter your WordPress panel and go to Appearance → Themes → Add New.

Click Upload Theme to upload the zip file you've downloaded. Then click Install Now:

Click Activate to continue:

Go to Customization → License, paste your theme license key and click Activate:

Now you can adjust the theme settings to your needs and modify how your website looks like in the Customization area.


Here's where you can install the demo content and customize it to your needs.

Demo Content

Please view this guide to learn about Demo content.


  • Keep the favicon provided by the Frida theme or upload your own icon.

  • To hide discount badges and star rating on your goods, disable the corresponding toggle switches.

  • To use the multi-step version of the Checkout page, disable the one-page checkout option.

  • Feel free to play around with colors to find perfect combinations that work exactly for your store. To help you create a consistent look and feel, we’ve introduced the primary and secondary template colors.

  • Consider keeping the Image LazyLoad option enabled to provide a better user experience and speed performance. This way images load only on some user interactions (i.e. scrolling).


You can add scripts and CSS styles in Head in case you need to introduce some custom changes to the theme.


Upload your website logo and enable / disable the sticky header option.


  • Banner

Above-the-fold area is arguably the most important part of any webpage. To make it shine, add an eye-catching image and pair it with a convincing title. Note that the mobile version of your banner is darkened automatically so it is easier to read the banner text.

By default, your banner links to the ‘All products’ page sorted by popularity. Feel free to replace this link with your own. Use the Add button to add more banners and transform them into a slider.

Additionally, you can upload a background video for the desktop version of your website. Please make sure to keep your banner as it'll be shown to avoid white screen issue while your video is loading.

Upload a video to your Media and add its link here:

  • Store Features

This compact section is located just below the banner. Feature text is accompanied by four icons. Adjust the text and icon color if necessary.

  • Products

Below the store features element, there is an option to show the best-selling products (i.e. products that have the largest number of orders). In the dropdown menu, you can select how many items to display in this section (4 / 6 / 8 / 12).

  • Image With Text

This is a flexible section you might link to any page (for example, a certain product or a category). We recommend adding both desktop and mobile versions of your image to make sure your visitors enjoy the most beautiful imagery.

  • Two Images With Text

Feel free to add two more banners if you have more to say and show on your Homepage. Works the same as the Image With Text section.

  • Why Choose Us

In this section, you are encouraged to share reasons why visitors to your website should trust your store and purchase from you. Each value is a new line accompanied with a checkbox. Change the default colors if necessary.

The unordered list of values can be found left to the video element. Add a link to your video (opens in a popup window) and upload a cover image.

  • Video Testimonials

With the Frida theme, you can add as many video reviews to your Homepage as you like. Add video links, upload cover images, and add review quotes. Your videos open in popups.

Single Product

  • Single Product Page

In this customization block, you can manage your Add to cart button (make it sticky on all screen resolutions and adjust its colors), enable the quantity selector feature, show the shipping message, and enable the social sharing buttons.

  • Store Features

The first product image is followed by the two store features element.

You’re welcome to edit the default text or disable this element if it doesn’t suit your needs.

  • Tabs

Use the toggle switches to show or hide the tabs on your product page and edit the default content.

  • Reviews

Here’s where you can edit the default wording and manage such options as verified review badge, review date, and the Write a review button.

  • Recommended Products

Enable the toggle if you want to show recommended products to your customers:

Featured Product

  • Featured Product Page

With the Frida theme, there’s an option to create a page with extended customization options for certain products. You can transform as many product pages into featured pages as you want. Unlike ordinary product pages, you'll have separate customization options for each featured product page.

You can see an example featured product page here.

To start, click the Add button:

Click the green Add Product button:

In the popup window, select a product using the plus icon:

When the product is added, click Save Featured Product Item:

You’ll find a number of color picker options to help you build a distinct page for your ‘special’ product.

  • Short Description

It might be a good idea to add a couple of sentences describing your product to catch your visitors’ attention. You'll see this description right below the product price.

  • Featured On

Below the fold there is a block designed to inspire trust among your prospects. You’re welcome to add logos of your partners, logos of magazines your product has been featured in or any other icons you consider appropriate.

This section transforms into a slider on mobile.

  • Video

Videos play a critical role in product performance so don’t miss the chance to show a product film. Upload a high-quality cover image to bring the spotlight to the section.

Video open in popup windows.

  • Comparison

Use this section to draw a favorable comparison between your featured item and what your competitors have to offer (it might also be an outdated, costly or inconvenient version of your product). Fill in the fields and upload images to highlight your product’s benefits and make your opponent's drawbacks even more obvious.

  • Featured Reviews

The next element you see is the feature reviews block. Here’s where you can show off certain testimonials and accompany them with customer photos.

  • Image Gallery

Visuals are a powerful conversion driver. This is why we’ve added a 6-image gallery with the masonry layout, so that you give your product photos a fresh touch. Please make sure your images meet the recommended size requirements to keep this section neat.

Category Page

On each category page, just above Footer, you can display the customer reviews slider. Copy a few most inspiring customer testimonials and paste them into the corresponding fields. To liven this element up, there is an image shown right to your reviews. Feel free to replace it with your own if needed. Use the color picker option to change your background color.


Learn how to customize your Shopping cart and Checkout here.

Checkout Conversion Boosters

Here you can enable Checkout Cowndown Timer, Checkout Trust box and Checkout Why buy from us box.

About Us

Tell your customers more about your business: edit the About Us text so that it tells your company’s story and upload a background image.

Below the description blocks, there is the Milestones section you can benefit from to show off your milestones.

Upload photos of your partners and add their names and job titles or use this section for your own purposes.

Thank You

Add a background image for your Thank you page. You can edit text which is shown to your client when a payment is complete or it failed and add conversion tracking scripts.

Contact Us

Add your email address and edit the text displayed on the Contact Us page above your contact details.

Social Media

To add your social media links, go to Social Media and fill in the appropriate fields:


To make sure your prospective customers feel your store can be trusted, we’ve added a set of security, payment, and delivery icons.

Scroll down the page to find more customization options. Here you can add your logo, adjust the colors, and rename the default menu titles.


The Frequently Asked Questions page might seem empty if you access it from your All Pages tab:

Unlike other utility pages, the Frequently Asked Questions page is to be edited in the FAQs tab of your Customization. This way you can show answers to frequently asked questions in a more interactive way.

You can use the Add button at the bottom of the settings page to add more answered questions.

Subscription Form

The Frida theme offers two Mailchimp subscription forms.

The first one is a visually pleasing form with a right-hand image located on your Homepage:

The second one is a compact form that can be found in your Footer.

Add your form action to the both code pieces provided in Customization, edit the default text and colors and upload your own image so that the section fits your website style and needs.

Please consult this guide to learn how to set up a Mailchimp subscription form. Note that the default code you get with your theme is just a simple subscription form. Please go to your Mailchimp settings to customize it (e.g., send your subscribers guides, etc.).


Upload the blog logo and customize other blog settings:

To learn more about adding and customizing your blog, consult this guide.

404 Page

Upload background image and edit the text the customers see when getting to 404 page:

Customer Account

Choose customer account colors and edit registration text that the customers see when creating an account:

How to manage your menus

Frida offers three menus.

  • Top menu (located in Header). Links displayed right to the Shop link. You're free to replace the default links in your Top menu and add new ones.

'Shop' itself is NOT a menu item. It shows ALL the product categories you've created in your Products → Product Categories. You'll learn more about how product categories are served in this theme in the next paragraph.

  • Company info (located in Footer)

  • Customer support (located in Footer)

How to make the most of your product categories

With the Frida theme, you can present your product categories in a visually appealing way. You might want to write a short description of your category and add it to the Article text area. This description will be shown on the banner you upload for your category page.

Below you can add images to your category:

If you cannot see these fields, please make sure you've enabled the SEO meta data fields toggle in your Sellvia plugin SEO settings:

  • Upload a full-width rectangular banner to display it on your category page.

In case there is no image added, a category page will look like this. Background color is managed by the 'Secondary template color' color option.

  • Add a smaller square image to display it in your Shop.

These thumbnails are also available in your mobile menu.

'Shop' shows all the categories you've created. As this is a theme for small inventory, there are only parent categories available. In other words, subcategories will not show on your website.

If you can't see the above image options, please make sure you've enabled the SEO meta data fields toggle switch in your Sellvia plugin SEO settings:

Live customization

To start live customization, go to Appearance → Customize or click the Customize button in the chosen active theme in Themes.

You'll see four tabs: Site Identity, Menus, Homepage Settings, and Additional CSS. Click the one that you need.

In the Site Identity tab, you can edit Site Title and Tagline. You can also upload Site Icon here.

Don't forget to click the Publish button to save your changes. If you click the blue gear button, you can set a required action for the Publish button (publish, save draft or schedule).

In Menus, you can edit the three Frida menus, add a new one by clicking Create New Menu, and set Menu Locations.

In the Homepage Settings tab, you can choose what will be displayed on the homepage of your site: your latest posts or a static page.

In Additional CSS, you can add your own CSS code to customize the appearance and layout of your site.

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