As Sellvia has been created to help you deliver products across the United States in just 1-3 days, it requires some changes to the demo content provided by your theme. To simplify your work, we’ve adjusted the demo content so that it fits your Sellvia business model.

In your theme Customization, you’ll see a Demo Content tab:

Click the Use Sellvia Content button to start with the demo content created specifically for Sellvia products. As you have the Sellvia plugin installed and ship your products within the United States, use this option.

The Use Classic Content button is for those who dropship worldwide, it activates the AliExpress-oriented demo content.

Once you click either button, you'll see a notice that indicates which type of content you're currently on.

When you apply Sellvia content to your website, you’ll notice a number of small but important changes such as:

  • 30-day / 60-day money back guarantee text is replaced with 100% money back guarantee text

  • Free worldwide shipping text is replaced with Fast US shipping / 1-3 day US shipping

  • Homepage ‘Best sellers’ product section is disabled by default

  • Homepage Subscription form is disabled by default

  • 'Sort by discount' option on your Category page is disabled by default

  • DHL and EMS partner logos are replaced with UPS and USPS on the About Us page

  • Your customers won’t see the text ‘Your order might be shipped in different parcels’ on the Thank you page

  • Frida users will see different delivery icons in their Footer area

Also, we’ve tweaked some of the standard utility pages so they suit Sellvia features:

  • FAQs

  • Payment Methods

  • Shipping & Delivery

  • Returns & Refunds

Feel free to make further changes to the demo content.

Already existing users who want to run their webstore with Sellvia products can update their demo content using the Use Sellvia Content button.

Those who have created the standard utility pages earlier need to delete them in their WordPress admin area → Pages before switching to the new type of demo content. Otherwise these pages won't be updated.

Also, please keep in mind that this button creates not only default text and pages but also menus. This is why you might want to delete your menus before switching to the new type of demo content to avoid duplicate menu items.

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