For Shopping cart, there are four options available:

  1. Side Shopping cart

  2. Side Shopping cart + Shopping cart page

  3. Shopping cart page

  4. No Shopping cart at all (customers go to Checkout straightaway)

Your Side Shopping cart will initially look like this:

This is how Side Shopping cart looks like when Shopping cart (page) is enabled. When both carts are enabled, there are two buttons in Side Shopping cart: View cart (i.e. go to Shopping cart (page)) and Checkout (i.e. go to Checkout).

This is how Shopping cart (page) looks like:

To manage your Shopping cart settings, go to Customization → Checkout → Shopping cart:

Here you can upload your own images instead of the default payment icons, edit text and contact details and add up to two links to any pages.

Scroll down to the Payment button colors block to adjust buttons color:

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