1. How to create a Rave account

  2. How to enable Rave payment option

Rave is a payment gateway by Flutterwave.

How to create a Rave account

Click here to create a Rave account. Fill in the required fields and click Get started:

Check your mailbox and click the link in the email to confirm your account:

Select To accept payment as an individual and click Continue to dashboard:

Note that there are two operation modes for your Flutterwave account:

  1. In the Live Mode, real transactions are performed. Switch to this mode only after you've tested your integration thoroughly.

    To be able to switch to the Live Mode, you need to complete the verification steps in your account: add a bank account, merchant information, and upload required documents.

  2. In the Test Mode, no real money is involved. Use Flutterwave test cards and bank accounts to test your integration. Most of the API functions the same.

To learn more about Rave integration, please consult their documentation.

How to enable Rave payment option

To access the payments settings, click the blue Sellvia button on the top of the side panel to switch to Sellvia menu; the words on the button will change into Main menu.

Then go to Settings → Payments → Credit/Debit Card and select Rave from the Service dropdown menu. Activate the Enable Rave payment option toggle.

In your Flutterwave dashboard, go to Settings → API. Find your Public Key and Secret Key:

Copy and paste them in the corresponding fields in Sellvia → Settings → Payments → Rave. Click Save Changes:

When you are ready to switch to the Live Mode, deactivate the Demo toggle in your WordPress admin area and save changes, and activate Switch to Live Mode toggle in your Flutterwave dashboard.

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