1. How to change prices for simple products

  2. How to change prices for variable products

  3. How to set discounts

  4. How to reset price in one product

  5. How to update prices

  6. How to avoid price resetting

How to change prices for simple products

If you want to set a different price for a Sellvia product in your store, you can change it in the product settings.

Go to your WordPress admin Dashboard → Products and click the product which price you want to change:

Scroll down to the Product Options → General and edit Sale price. Click Save Changes.

How to change prices for variable products

If the product has variations, the price is set for each variation separately.

Open the product and go to Product Options → Variations. Click the Edit button in the variation:

Edit the prices in the Price and Sale Price fields. Click Save Changes.

Do the same in all product variations.

How to set discounts

By default, Sellvia product prices do not have any discounts. You can provide discounts for the products in your store from your profit margin if you wish.

If you don't want to reduce your profit margin, you can set the discount by editing the Product price and setting it higher than the Sale price in the product edit menu Product Options → General, then save the changes.

If variation prices are the same, select Edit in the Bulk action dropdown menu:

Change the prices and click Apply to edit prices in bulk:

How to reset price in one product

If you need to reset price in one product only, open this product and click the Reset Product button in the Sellvia Product tab:

In the popup window, make sure that the Product variants option is activated, and click Reset Product:

You'll see a notification that the product variants, stock and pricing have been reset.

How to update prices

To update product prices, go to SellviaProductsUpdate Products. Make sure that the Update prices option is activated and click the Update Products button:

Check out this guide to learn more about updating Sellvia products.

How to avoid price resetting

To keep your edited prices when updating Sellvia products, please uncheck Update prices in Sellvia → Products → Update Products:

That way you will avoid resetting the prices to the Sellvia catalog ones during the update.

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