1. Preset Settings

  2. Preset Installation

Sellvia presets are collections of products in a particular niche that can be imported to your store in bulk.

Preset Settings

You can find the presets in AppsSellviaPresets:

The tab has a dropdown menu that allows you to see the available presets:

When you select a preset from the dropdown menu, you can see product categories that are part of the preset and the number of products in each category and in the preset in total. If you have imported some products of the preset in your store, they will be shown as Imported products under Products in total.

The examples of the products in the preset are shown on the right.

Preset Installation

To import the preset into your store, click the Install preset button in the top right corner of the tab.

All the products of the preset will be imported to your store. The corresponding categories of the preset will be created on your site in Products → Collections.

You will see a progress bar that will inform you what product is being imported and how many products have been imported.

You can pause the installation if necessary by clicking the Pause Installation button.

You will be able to continue the installation later by clicking the Install preset button. The installation will continue from where it was paused.

You can see the imported products in the Products section of your site. There you can also remove some of the products with the Delete products option or perform other actions if needed.

The categories that the preset created can be edited in Products → Collections.

You can remove all the products of the preset by clicking the Remove products button in Apps → Sellvia → Presets. Please note that this action will remove products from other presets as well if they share the same products. The action does not remove the preset-created categories from your site.

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