1. Customized shipping options

  2. Minimum order price

  3. Shipping setting for categories

Customized shipping options

If you want to compensate some of your shipping costs for Sellvia products, you can customize the shipping options on your site.

To manage your shipping options, go to SellviaSettingsShipping.

If you want to customize your shippings, deactivate the Use Sellvia shipping methods toggle. After that, all other shipping options will become available.

You can set two shipping options: standard and premium. All products will be delivered by Sellvia anyway, but that will help you not to lose your customers, and those who want their products to be delivered faster will pay more.

For example, you can create one standard free shipping option taking 3–6 days, and a fast delivery option where it will be put down as 1–3 days shipping. You may set it about $4.99, so if your customers choose this option, it will at least compensate some of your shipping costs.

To customize a shipping option, hover over it and click Edit.

Set the Title, Delivery time and Shipping cost, and then click Save.

Minimum order price

You can set minimum order price for each shipping option. Open the shipping option you'd like to edit, set a minimum order amount required for that shipping method to be available in the Minimum order price field and click Save.

We recommend to set a minimum spend of about $50 for free shipping.

Shipping setting for categories

You can apply a particular shippping option to some of your product categories.

Choose Select categories in the Apply to field and select necessary category / categories:

Click Save once all changes will be done.

To learn more about shipping settings, you can consult this guide.

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