1. How to process your first dropshipping order (and the next ones)

  2. How to provide high quality customer support

  3. Doing returns and refunds

Okay, so, your marketing activities are in full bloom, and you keep monitoring the advertising campaigns you’ve launched. What should you expect next?

Sooner or later, you’ll get your first dropshipping order! Are you ready?

How to process your first dropshipping order (and the next ones!)

How will you know that someone just made a purchase in your dropshipping store?

You certainly won’t miss or overlook it because you will get:

  • A notification in your store admin area

  • An email notification in your inbox

  • Money in your bank account!

Yes, that’s the money that forms your profit! With this sum, you’ll be able to order the necessary item(s) from Sellvia AND leave the price markup to yourself!

But, before you enjoy your long-awaited profit, you need to do what you’ve promised your customers: make sure they receive their order.

Here’s what you need to do:

Did the buyer complete all the fields in the order form? If a surname, or zip code, or phone number, or some other contact/delivery detail is unreadable or missing, it won’t be possible for Sellvia to arrange the delivery.

So, if something seems a bit odd or wrong to you, don’t be shy to email the client and politely ask to confirm the order details.

If the buyer’s name and country of living doesn’t match the credit card details, you need to be really attentive about this order. The same is true for sudden large-scale purchases of 70+ items at a time, and the orders with several declined payment attempts.

If it seems to you that the buyer tries to illegally use someone else’s money to pay for the purchase, don’t rush to process this order. Ask the buyer to show you the ID form, and wait until your payment provider accepts or declines the payment. And if this customer’s payments are declined several times in a row, just cancel the order and stay safe!

Is everything fine with the order? Great! Use the link above to see the detailed instructions on how to transfer this order’s details to Sellvia warehouse. There’s a video tutorial included, too!

Done? Awesome!

Now, the order is the Sellvia warehouse team responsibility. It’s up to our team to collect the purchased items, assemble the package, and send it to your buyer.

You don’t need to deal with any of these product-related processes.

What you might need to do, however, is to provide your buyer with the tracking details to make him or her confident about the order. This whole process, together with illustrative screenshots, is described in this informative article – just go and check it out!

Please note: a product’s tracking ID (if available) will ONLY be displayed after you finish processing the order, and the package is dispatched.

And, since we started talking about working with your client’s questions and queries, let’s look at this part in more detail.

How to provide high quality customer support

Your buyer is a really brave person – he or she trusted your young online store enough to give you the money and even disclose personal details!

So, treat this customer as politely and respectfully as you can. That’s how you build your online store reputation and make it more likely to see repeat purchases from this buyer and enjoy positive feedback on social media and review websites.

Here’s what you need to do:

Thanks to Sellvia plugin, your clients will automatically receive email notifications when something changes in their order status.

How exactly does it happen?

We create a special branded email address for you –, where the ‘domain’ part is the main part of your site address. Therefore, the letters sent from this ‘corporate’ email look more trustworthy to your customers, and motivate them to read their contents.

The plugin will be using this email address to automatically notify your clients about the changes in their order status. And what’s more, you’ll receive a duplicate letter, too! It will help you keep track of the orders you’re working with. You can arrange these letters to be sent to either your personal or your work email. Don’t worry: in any case, the client won’t see that the letter has also been sent to someone else!

Remember that your customer really wants to know what’s happening to the order. It’s especially important for the first-time buyers who don’t know what to expect from your store yet. So, make sure that your client feels supported and accompanied by you throughout their whole shopping process.

Pay attention to your email templates, too: as you can guess, the contents of a ‘Thank you for the purchase!’ email will be really different from the ‘Your package is dispatched, here is the tracking code’ email.

Your custom store shows your buyers many other ways to get in touch with you apart from email. There are phone number, physical address, ‘Contact Us’ form, and social media icons provided on your website.

It’s up to you to decide which of these channels you actually can and want to use. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t want to display your personal phone number or messenger ID. You can hide the contact details you don’t want to show, but make sure that you’re keeping an eye on all the channels that are visible to your store visitors. Otherwise, they might think you’re avoiding contact!

Is your customer unhappy or angry? First of all, don’t take it personally: it’s not necessarily your fault. Maybe this person just had a bad day…

What you need to do is apologize for the inconvenience (even if it has nothing to do with you!) and find out all the details that made your client so frustrated.

There isn’t a situation that can’t be fixed: you can always re-order a proper product instead of a faulty one, or make a full refund to compensate for the trouble. There’s nothing scary or difficult in this procedure.

All you will need to do is send the money back to your customer’s card. Depending on the situation, you might also want to send this buyer a small reward gift or offer a discount on the next purchase.

Doing returns and refunds

Your customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. We want you to fulfill orders with confidence. That’s why we proudly offer absolute satisfaction guarantees that ensure your customers will receive a purchased item on time and as described. But if your customer is really disappointed with the received product or the order is missing, here’s what you need to do:

  • Apologize for the inconvenience.

  • If your customer reports a damaged or incorrect product, ask your customer to submit a photo evidence within 14 days of receiving the item. If the claim is approved, a refund will be issued.

  • If the product packaging is damaged but the product itself is intact, ask your customer to submit a claim to the shipping carrier directly.

  • If a package is delivered (based on tracking number update) but your customer claims that they did not receive the item, ask your customer to submit a claim to the shipping carrier directly. As a retailer, your orders will be deemed delivered and in satisfactory condition if you do not report the issue within the time frame.

If you experienced any of the above scenarios, please report the issue within 14 days of receipt. Otherwise, you agree that the product is deemed delivered and satisfactory. Feel free to learn more about Sellvia Refunds, Returns, and Exchanges Policy here.

How do I request a refund, return, or exchange?

Handling returns is an essential part of running a business. Sellvia is here to help! We have put together the following steps to make this process easier:

  1. In the event of a refund, return, or exchange request from your customer, contact our Customer Support team via email at and include the evidence if required.

  2. After we have approved the order refund, return, or exchange, the product must be returned to our warehouse at the following address: 14460 Myford Rd, Irvine, CA 92606, USA.

  3. Your customer must return the product and provide a tracking number.

  4. Once the tracking number has been provided (or once we have received the returned product), a replacement product will be shipped or a refund minus the shipping cost will be credited back to the card or original method of payment on file.

  5. In order for Sellvia to ship a replacement product or process a refund for damaged or incorrect product, we require a tracking number for the item returned.

Please note that we provide:

  • Refund if the item is not as described or damaged;

  • Refund minus the shipping cost if your customer does not want the product they received. Your customer must return the item at his expense to our warehouse and the item must be unused.

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