1. How to manage my store in the long-term period: technical aspects

  2. How to manage my store in the long-term period: scaling the business

So... All the processes are set up, your promotional campaigns are running, sales are flowing gradually, and you’re processing them successfully.

Now what?

How should you manage your store in the long-term period?

Here are the things you should care about.

How to manage my store in the long-term period: technical aspects

To make sure your store operates perfectly and works to its best, you need to keep an eye on its technical side. More specifically, you need to:

  • Renew the domain regularly

When you were ordering a dropshipping store from our team, you chose a domain name together with your manager. This domain needs to be renewed every year, and it requires a regular payment. Otherwise, it will expire, and you will have some trouble restoring your website.

To never let it happen, follow the Namecheap renewal instructions. If you’re using a different domain registrar, contact their support team to learn how to renew your domain name.

  • Make backup website copies regularly

We sincerely hope that nothing bad happens to your website! However, why not take a safety measure in case there’s some hacker, or a virus, or an extra piece of software that is working incorrectly?

Creating a backup copy doesn’t cost you anything. It’s not difficult at all: just follow these detailed instructions once a month. As a result, you’ll have a fresh copy of a properly working website, and can easily restore it if there is any technical trouble.

  • Contact our support team if necessary

If there is some technical issue with your website that isn’t described in our Knowledge base, feel free to write your question to the support team.

The best way to do it is to send your email at and describe your issue in detail: what’s wrong, how long ago it began, what happened on your website just before these events, what you already tried to do, etc. It’s a good idea to attach screenshots, too – with their help, our specialists will be able to help you quicker.

Follow these simple recommendations, and none of the possible technical bugs will distract you from the most important part of your long-term dropshipping strategy: scaling your business.

How to manage my store in the long-term period: scaling the business

Do you like the way your dropshipping store performs? Would you like to expand the business and enjoy higher revenues?

If your goal is to gradually boost sales and build a larger-scale eCommerce venture, here’s what you can do to secure long-term growth of your business.

  • See how you can improve your conversions

Your dropshipping store is created for you by highly experienced specialists and meets the cutting-edge industry standards. However, over the course of time, the online shopping industry changes, and the same happens to buyers’ preferences and expectations.

So, to make your store always stay relevant and up-to-date, follow this guide explaining why people might leave your store without making purchases. It also gives experience-based tips on fixing these conversion-related issues. Therefore, you can use it once or twice a year as a checklist and an action plan to improve your visitors’ shopping experience.

  • Add more products

As a custom store owner, you already have enough profitable and well-edited products in the store we made for you.

So, you might be wondering: why add more?

The answer is simple: the market changes all the time. New customer segments appear, new product types get introduced by manufacturers, new trends and fashion tendencies emerge... To stay ahead of your competitors, you need to be aware of these changes and make sure that your store offers enough trendy items to your customers.

Also, over the course of time, you will see which of your store products are demanded by your buyers, and which are less popular. It will let you understand what kinds of items bring you more money, and what products are the potential best sellers you should focus on.

To add more winning products to your store and make them look like an irresistible offer, please follow these guides:

  • Boost your store thanks to an expert help

At any point of your dropshipping journey, you can freely ask for our professional assistance! There are lots of extra dropshipping services we provide, so feel free to request any of them if necessary.

Facebook & Instagram ads

Paid ads on social media are great if you want to raise awareness about your venture and reach new customers. Using proven experience-based strategies, we will help you create winning advertising campaigns targeted at your desired audience.

Lead generation popup setup

Popups work like magic if you want to offer your store visitors a discount coupon in exchange for their email addresses – an offer they won’t refuse!

We will be happy to set up this efficient tool on your website and let you start building your email database with its help.

Email marketing setup

Would you like to put this email database to good use and send purchase-oriented emails on autopilot? Enjoy this unbeatable opportunity to get a series of amazing emails written by our skilled digital marketing experts specifically for your business needs!

SEO starter pack

Make your store rank higher on Google! We will be excited to complete multiple SEO tasks to help more people find your exceptional website on the Internet.

Add-ons setup

Do you want to automate and optimize even more aspects of your store management? See what our extra powerful add-ons can do! Get the necessary add-on, request its setup service, and watch this add-on transform your business routine.

Want something extra? Check out our full range of dropshipping services and choose the ones you fancy!

  • Grow your portfolio of online stores

Would you like to get more stores that perform as successfully as your current one? Why not!

Now, as a more experienced dropshipping store owner, you know more aspects of building and running a profitable venture. Apply the knowledge to a completely new store with a different niche and take your business operations to a new level. Here are the resources that will be helpful to you:

With these informational resources, you will be able to launch a new business in the niche that excites you – and start following this Custom Store guide all over again.

It is a great honor and pleasure to work with you. We wish you the best of luck with your dropshipping journey!

Please remember: you’re always welcome to get in touch with us if you need any assistance with your business. These resources are designed to help you out:

And of course, Sellvia Support Team that is happy to advise you on any issue you might have: – use this email address to describe your problem in detail and provide the specialists with screenshots, your store access details, etc.

Your business is in safe hands!

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