Free turnkey stores with Sellvia Pro usually have free shipping for all products by default. If you would like to have the shipping to be free only after a customer added products for more that a set sum, you will need to do the following changes:

  1. Start with changing the default shipping from free to paid in Sellvia -> Settings -> Shipping. Let's say, we want to charge $10 shipping per item. The default shipping will be offered for orders below the minimum order price.

  2. Now we will create a free shipping option with minimum cart cost / order price: click the Create button.

  3. Now you should

    • give the option a title (i.e. Free),

    • set a minimum order price (i.e. $70),

    • delivery time will be 1-3 days if you do not add the processing time (here we add processing time and set it to 1-5 days),

    • set the shipping cost to 0 (as we are creating free shipping),

    • enable the option and save the settings:

The results:

If the order price in the cart is below the sum you set, the customers will see paid shipping.

And if they order products for over the minimum price, the shipping will be free.

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