When you receive your free turnkey store with Sellvia Pro, payment gateways are not set up yet and your store will only accept payments after you connect your payment gateway account from the list to your site (we usually recommend Paypal and Stripe).

If you have set up the payment gateway and the payment gateway does not work, please do the following steps:

  1. Double-check the settings. Check if all the fields of your payment gateway are filled in correctly: there are no spaces in front of or behind the copied key, there are no typos in the key if you chose to type it instead of copy-pasting, you do not use Sellvia API keys instead of the payment gateway ones.

    Please log into your payment gateway account and compare the details. You should also ensure that the gateway is enabled on your site and the demo mode is disabled:

    Please also check if your payment gateway account is verified and supports accepting payments (some payment gateways require you to have a business account for that).

  2. Make a test purchase. Create a test product in Products → Add new on your site with the price $0.05 (for PayPal) or $0.60-$1 (for credit/debit cards) and 5 stock and buy it from your website. There can be the following scenarios:

    • you have been redirected to the site of your payment system, but cannot complete the purchase. Move to the step 3.

    • you have not been redirected to the site of your payment system at all and see the error message below. Please contact support@sellvia.com and be ready to provide them the access details of your WordPress site.

Note: All the payment gateways have their own required fields for filling in (such as postcode, phone number and address and so on). Please remember it and fill in the required information correctly even if it is a test transaction.

3. Try the Test Keys. Contact your payment gateway support team and ask for the test keys and a test card (some payment gateways do not provide cards, in that case you have to use your own one). Then paste the test keys in the plugin settings and repeat the test purchase:

  • If the transaction with test keys has been completed successfully, it means the integration of the payment gateway on your site works correctly and the issue is on the payment gateway's end.

Go to Sellvia → Reports → Activities List and check the records for the payment you have done before with your own live keys.
The error log can contain the following records:
a. Gateway is damaged
b. Request is wrong

Click the eye icon on your right, copy the error code/text and contact your payment gateway support to get an assistance.

  • If the transaction did not pass, please contact support@sellvia.com and we will do our best to help you out.

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