Please note! Multiple seller accounts are prohibited by Amazon’s selling policies. Please use your existed Amazon seller account for publishing Sellvia products. Opening another new account will lead to locking your both accounts.

Go to Amazon Seller Account registration page.

Enter Your name, email address and password. Click Next.

Verify your email address.

Add and verify your mobile number.

Select your Business location, Business type, enter your First and Last name, click Agree and continue.

NOTE! If you don't have business in the United States and you are not a US resident, please enter your country of residence.

Enter your Primary contact person information, Residential address and click Next.

Add and verify your bank account which will be used to easily deposit and withdraw money between your bank account and your Amazon Payments account.

Enter Payment information and click Next.

Enter your Store name (you can use any name that isn't already taken on Amazon).

Select Yes for Universal Product Codes (UPCs) and No for other two questions. Click Next.

Upload your documents to verify your identity and address.

You are done! Amazon will verify your account within 2 business days.

Amazon will send you a postcard with a code to verify your address. Once you get the postcard you will need to enter this Verification Code here.

If you have issues with registering your Amazon Seller account, please check F.A.Q.

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