You have received an order for your premium product on Amazon and need to place it with Sellvia now.

  1. Log into your Sellvia account at

2. Click the Search icon and type in the title of the product your customers purchased (You may copy paste the title or its part to find the product) The products created for your store with personal prints will have Sellvia Premium: next to the title.

3. Click on the product and add the necessary variation to the cart


4. If there are other products in the order, add them the same way and proceed to checkout when all the products of the customer's order are added

5. At the checkout page type in your own email in the email field, fill in (by typing or copypasting) the customer's name and address, then choose a suitable payment method typing in your card data and click complete the purchase.

6. The order will appear in your Sellvia accounts Orders

7. Once the order is sent, the tracking id will appear in the Tracking column in Sellvia Orders. You can copy the tracking id and add it into the order in your Amazon account. To do that, open your orders in Amazon and click 'Edit shipment'

Then paste the Tracking id and confirm Shipment

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