To set the correct shipping settings go to Settings - Shipping Settings from your Amazon Seller dashboard.

Select General shipping settings tab and click Edit.

Click Add a new address.

Enter your Amazon account name in the Address name field and fill the address of Sellvia warehouse:

14460 Myford Rd




1 (949) 527-8625

Click Save.

Now select this address as your default shipping address.

In the General shipping settings tab click Edit for Handling Time and set '2 days'.

Setting a lower handling time will show a faster delivery date to buyers, but can put you at risk of missing OTS (on-time shipping) requirements from Amazon. For this reason, we recommend a slower but safer delivery time for your Amazon orders.

Go to Shipping Templates tab and click Edit Templates.

Select 5-8 Days in the Transit Time field. Then remove Expedited Shipping option.

Click +Add new shipping rule and select Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. Set 5-8 days for these states as well.

Click Save.

Your shipping settings are ready!

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